Date: 27th February 2007 at 4:25pm
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I think the Eboue bashers are being harsh, very harsh.

As has already been said over on the forum, every player has their faults, that’s just football. Yeah, Eboue’s fault is his attitude, but as Little Dutch rightly said, Van Persie’s attitude is worse than Eboue’s.

He may be 23 but he hasn’t been playing first team football very long. Wenger would not have signed him if he thought he had an attitude that couldn’t be sorted.

Look at the players that have come to Arsenal with reputations similar to that of Eboue. Lehmann, Hleb, Gallas, Van Persie and that’s just current players. Hleb was as famous in Germany for splitting the Stuttgart dressing room as he was for his football! How many of you get on those players back?

Van Persie has 8 yellow cards in 25 starts (six sub appearances) Eboue has just 3 in 22 (3sub appearances). Now consider that Eboue is a defender. Even Lehmann (5) has more yellow cards that Eboue that says a lot for me. In our first choice back 4 only Gallas has fewer yellow cards that Eboue.

So that’s his ‘temper` dealt with.

I can’t for one second defend him for his diving antics, it’s a disgrace and all of you are right to slam him for that. There’s no place for it in the game and certainly no place for it at Arsenal. But you`re not on a level playing field here. How come no one comes down so hard on the other players in our side that take the odd dive?

If we are to sell a player because he dives then we can say goodbye not only to Eboue but Van Persie, Henry and Fabregas.

I’m not saying people are wrong for criticizing Eboue but I think that you’re being too harsh on the lad.

Have faith in Wenger.


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  • I dont think he should be stoned just yet but he does need to cut out the antics sooner rather than later. In regards to Cesc and the other players I feel they react badly to situations rather than start them which is something that Manu is prone to. The diving probably rankles with people because he often runs into the faces of others (Robben and Ronaldo) and berates them and it looks very hypocritical!

  • Ah sweet statistics, as you know simmy, I completely agree. Either we want Jens, Cesc, Eboue, RVP and Toure sold, or we say they’re out of order and trust the manager to sort them. Vieira had a supporter love in the likes of which I think is only rivalled by Raul and Madrid, yet he was hardly an angel!

  • eboue was amazing when he returned from the African Nations Cup and took us to the champions league final – my only complaint is his diving, positional awareness and all that will come with experience and im willing to wait

  • Eboue has a screw loose… hes mad and his attitude stinks… but he is a fantastic talent and Wenger should stick with him.

  • Passion for the team and the game can easily be mistaken as madness or uncontrolled anger – look at Ade on Sunday. That guy wants to party spends as much time cheerleading the fans to get the team motivated than he does playing…and he gets a red card for appearing to be angry, but merely trying to break up the scuffle to get on with the match. Eboue does need to work some things out, but yes, fixing the diving problem should take precidence over showing angry passion on the field!

  • i am not a eboue hater, his actions made my blood boil, especially as Adebayor took the rap for it. he is talented and all i said previously was that wenger has a stern word with him.. and your right simmy even though diving is not right, we are NOT on a even playing field, i look at the way lampard behaved and was disgusted at him, he is like a jumped up baby throwing his dollies out the pram, and maybe its an english thing, the ref won’t punish english players ?

  • If Kolo and Mikel deserved red so did Lampard and Cesc. Disgusting English bias and the ref was hailed for it in the media. Eboue is a fantastic player ( voted in theTop 3 defenders in Champions league last year). I know he’s a good boy really and I just hope he starts to prove it! The 3 matches out will do him good to gain some perspective of his actions.

  • what i don’t like about eboue is that he is so quick to turn and call the ref for a guy diving against him, but he goes down clutching his face like he’s been shot all too readily. It embarrasses me. »»Arsene Knows««

  • I actually thoutght this season RVP’s attitude has improved quite a bit since last year. Its still not perfect but he is definetly maturing, Eboue on the other hand still gets involved in the stupidist arguments which is something RVP has almost completely stopped. Both are great talents with the potential to become up there with the best in the world for there respective positins and so we should endure boths antics for now and hope they can cut it out… Wenger Knows!

  • Vieria and Roy Keane had the worst disciplanary records around but were both absolutely adored, same with Davids at Juve and others like Wise at Chelsea. Vinnie Jones jota bloody movie career from it.

  • yes, RVP’s attitude has greatly improved, but i understand what they guys mean when they comment on him going down reather easily. He’s done it about 3 times this season i believe… »»Arsene Knows««

  • There was a game last year, when RVP fell inside the box, and the ref wasn’t sure, but before he could make up his mind, RVP let him know that it wasn’t a penalty. If that’s not improvement than I don’t know what is! While I’ve raised concerns over Eboue’s recent behaviour, I certainly don’t want him out. I’m hoping for a u-turn asap. 🙂

  • Eboue did nothing worse than what Bridge did. so I do not understand why everybody and their momma are on his case.

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