Date: 18th April 2008 at 3:55pm
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Gunners boss Arsene Wenger has again called for technology to be made available to assist referees. Le Boss has long been an advocate of video technology for many years, but with Arsenal suffering some unlucky decisions in recent weeks, Wenger was again quizzed about the subject in his Friday press conference.

“What I feel needs to be talked about,” he explained, “is how you can get referees into positions to make less mistakes. I feel that football authorities have a great responsibility in that. I don`t think the quality is not there. I think it is there. The referees are quite good but the game is so quick and the situation for them is so difficult that without assistance they cannot humanly improve a lot.”

“I feel it is unfair to say the referees are not good enough. It is that they are in a situation where they cannot do much better. There is not enough room there [to improve]. I think they are close to being as good as they can be. I wouldn`t accuse the referees of not being good, they just need more assistance.”

Wenger believes that the implementation of a video referee, as seen in Rugby League, would help referees to make correct calls in a game that has increased in pace in recent years. Personally, I don`t buy the “referees are human and, as such we have to accept human error” argument. Human error is not explicated in the rules; it is brought to the game externally. Anything we can do to improve that facet of the game we should attempt. However, there are issues surrounding the slowing down of the game. It`s all very well contesting a penalty that has not been given, but presumably play will continue, how do we decide when to stop it and review a decision? It`s certainly a quandary. Your thoughts?