Date: 29th October 2006 at 6:43pm
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Ok guys I know I’m sounding like a broken record but there is a real problem with the Premiership – it’s boring, really boring, it’s negative, cynical and teams try not to lose rather than try to win – all it takes is one side to set out with a negative mentality, and then the other side are screwed, for an entertaining match you need both teams competing, not one side just trying to break down 10 men for 90 mins.

Premiership attendances are down, there are more teams who don’t play football than those that do, and the phrase anti-football is starting to do the rounds, even those who thought the only ones highlighting this anti-football were just whinging Arsenal fans are starting to realise that this is indeed a real problem that goes above and beyond any single club.

I see the anti-football trend set to continue for the next couple of years at least, this inevitably mean attendances will continue to drop and the entertainment value of the Premiership will also reduce. Eventually something will have to be done, a few months back I put up a list of rules designed to promote positive football and eradicate anti-football, most people thought my suggestions just wouldn’t work, and some put forward their ideas. I`ve analysed my previous rule changes and I’ve come to the conclusion that they are too open to abuse, teams could easily exploit the new rules, plus my rule changes added further complications to what should be a simple game.

Me and a few mates have had a brainstorming session and have now come up with what we think is a workable and simple rule change which should be introduced if this anti-football trend continues (which it will). This new rule should be tried for one season with the possibility of scrapping it if it just doesn’t work.

The new rule is so simple that I’m sure it must have been suggested elsewhere, but I have yet to see it:

> A team is awarded a point for every goal they score.
> This is on top of the three points or one point they are awarded for a win or a draw.

So if a team continues to win 1-0 the challenging team which wins 3-0 will gain more points. A team that wins 1-0 picks up four points, three points for the win and another one point for the goal, however, teams that draw 3-3 will also pick up the same amount of points, one point for the draw and three points for the three goals scored. A team that loses but puts in a good performance can also walk away with something, this gets interesting when boring bastard teams who purposely set out to try and sneak a win are caught by more adventurous teams who lose but score more goals. essentially the new rule change awards teams that go out and play, yet this new rule doesn’t actually change the game of football itself, it just promotes a brand of football which would be good for the fans, good for the Premiership and good for the national team – scoring goals in open play is something England cannot do against any half decent sides, a league that promotes attacking football has a knock on effect to the national game. Anyone can put out a bunch of well organised donkey’s who are hard to beat, but scoring goals at the highest level requires skill, attacking flair and inspiration, all three are currently missing from the majority of teams in the premiership and it’s no coincidence that the national side lack the same qualities. Other national sides that have many of their players playing in the Premiership are not affected by it’s anti-football style because they come here already trained, cultured and educated by their home country and because their country produces players that play around the world in various leagues. England players tend to stay in England and therefore only experience Premiership football, it is their only example, and exclusive anti-football is not a good experience for any player, it’s like living off pot noodles only, and of those English players in the Premiership how many of them experience Champions league football? The Premiership philosophy of purely focusing on a back four and midfield that is hard to break down requires little skill and will not get you far in Europe, just like it won’t get England far in any major tournament, yet the majority of Premiership clubs use this negative brand of football week in week out, this can’t be good for anyone.

Is it fair that Man Utd get the same amount of points for their thrashing of Bolton as Chelsea’s uninspired victory yesterday? I don’t think it is. Likewise, why should 0-0 warrant the same points as 3-3? Goal difference rarely has any impact on the league table come the end of the season; this new rule actually gives goal ratio some meaning and influence. We’ve fully applied any given scenario to this new rule change and it doesn’t appear to throw up any nasty surprises, if this new rule had been applied 10 years ago then the Premiership champions throughout those years would have remained the same until now, it doesn’t allow flukey teams to worm their way through, it simply promotes positive football.

We are putting together a credible package illustrating this new rule change and sending it to the FA, we doubt we will get any reaction but you never know, the seeds might get planted and get them thinking, the good thing is that money talks, and as attendances drop and world viewers start looking to other leagues for entertainment, the FA will have to do something, lowering ticket prices is not going to completely solve the problem.

Anyway, what do you guys think of the new rule?

Article submitted by Proffessor Calculus.


19 Replies to “Time For A Change Of Rules?”

  • Nice little pop at Chelsea. Shame we scored the most goals in the Premeirship when winning the title in 2004-2005 and our points return against your lot last year would have been considerably more than six points 🙂

    PS Professor not Proffessor!

  • Perhaps we also start deducting points for goals conceeded against teams as poxy as Everton! Incidentally, using your new system, hav eyou worked out who would have qualified for the Champions League last year out of you and those other sad North London cases? I can’t be arsed to dissect such a purile experiment!

  • The problem is teams being happy to secure one point, Everton acted like they won the cup final at full time not a team in 6th place of the league. The fact they didn’t have a go against a team with 2 defenders says it all. I think maybe extra points should be awarded for away wins encouraging teams to go for it rather than settle for a point. It’s not just an Arsenal problem teams do the same to Chelsea, Man Utd as well.

  • Sorry but i dont see any need to change things at all. Arsenal dont win & all these anti football comments come back but the truth is man utd under fergusmoan have always been brilliant at breaking through negative teams (the last couple of years aside), so its a problem wenger has to deal with (& quite frankly its one he should have dealt with by now). Chelski may be rubbish to watch but they win & as much as I want arsenal to continue with the great football there has to be an end product or its pointless. Your suggestions dont help teams like watford, sheff utd or reading who dont have 10 million to spend on a striker that can score 20+ goals per season. Watford would be in the top half of the league were it not for awful referees decisions & the fact they dont have quality strikers. Teams like everton should be better than what they produced yesterday but its down to their fans to show its not the football they want their club playing. I dont remember too many arsenal fans complaining when we won the league at anfield having played defensive football the whole season under graham, so we cannot have it both ways otherwise it is just whinging.

  • Yes Merlin, we would have pissed all over them, infact we would have been just short of third place. And if you’re going to do that maybe you should remember that you have lost to teams such as Boro, Blackburn and also that Everton have taken points from you. I can’t wait to see you lot knocked from your high horses, in fact I’d go as far as to say it would make me laugh if Man Utd won the league instead of Chelsea.

  • its slightly hypacritical considering thats almost exactly what we did in the champions league….think about it.

  • In what game h57ben? Because I remember attacking all the way through. Ok we didnt play well away to Villarreal, but playing badly and being negative is two different things entirely.

  • poxy? erm no. And why on earth would we wanna come to your place and play open football when you’d make a mockery of us, your just as bitter as Wenger. I was actually starting to like Arsenal aswell, its a shame none of your players no how to cross and the head the ball instead of trying to pass your way into the goal HAHA 1-1 GET IN!!

  • I think in today’s game with the massive amounts of money involved it is tough to demand how teams play. In the NHL they have just instigated the shoot out for drawn games but that would make the game a lottery. Lets not get into the American habit of messing with time honoured rules. Maybe give a bonus point for 3 or more goals. Also teams cannot always put out their best 11, due to injuries so this could turn the team into a bit of a lottery. Ultimately it is down to the attacking skill of the home side. And their ability to play with variety. A team has got the right to get points. Funnily the best game of the World Cup was Germany v Italy and that was 0-0 in normal time. Maybe it should be just about getting 11 men each on the pitch rather than those who niggle, and dive and simulate all the time. Cut all that out, and players mentalities might change

  • tt, by coming onto this site & making that comment you have just proved how small a club everton now are. Your team time wasted to extreme throughout the whole 90 minutes (even boro didnt use that tactic) & you are celebrating the fact you got a draw. You even admit your team cannot cope with real football. I remember the days when everton were actually a big club, how long ago that now seems!!

  • With respect to time wasting, and it appears a bigger problem every year, why not shorten the halves, but stop the clock evey time play stops? That would remove the incentive for tactical, boring timewasting.

  • Even the Everton fans joined in with the time wasting by not giving the ball back. Howard just stood there not even bothering to look for another ball, when one was thrown to him he was about to take the goal kick and the fans threw the ball back onto the pitch, Howard then sauntered over to get the other ball. The Moyes had the cheek to whinge that its was past the four minutes injury time, even though as a professional he should know that that four minutes is a MINIMUM!!

  • aww never mind eh, no matter how small you reckon we are, we have just as an illustrious past as you, same tradition, the only difference being that you have a more modern stadium. EFC is no small club my friend, you are ill advised. Just because you have a team of world beaters dont expect people to come to your place and let you cut through them. In the end David Moyes’ tactics got us a point from a team who beat us 7-0 in the same fixture last season, aswell as that we have half of our squad out with a virus and players out of position. It’s sad you lot are the only people in the world who think it was a poor result for Everton. I think you should get used to it matey, until you learn how to put the ball in the net with crosses and headers rather than walking it in then you will never win the league. And how naive of you to say how small a club Everton are based on the comments of one person…

  • i didnt like the way everton set their stall out the other day,but shouldnt we be used to it by now,i dont blame them,because they got hammered last year,the only difference from last year is that we scored first and they had to come out n get summit,this year was the opposite,TT was right,we needed to perhaps force a goal instead of fannying about with the ball,maybe adebayor and the beast wouldve made the difference,had they been available,and btw if it had been us against barca, with ten men,and 5 minutes to go,we wouldnt be complaining about time wasting we would be expecting it

  • a game of football lasts 90 minutes,isnt it about time we actually got 90 minutes of football considering the f**king prices we have to pay,we just about get 60 minutes of entertainment,maybe with more subs ie 6 or more allowed we could have a 90 minutes countdown clock just like in american football,i know the game could finnish a hour later,but i dont mind, do you? that would solve the time wasters and play actors at least.

  • More subs, now that’s an idea I like, and why not have more subs on the bench for EPL matches similar to CL?

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