Date: 22nd August 2008 at 1:35pm
Written by:

1. Mikael Silvestre. Insanity or genius?

2. Following another abysmal England performance under yet another England coach, will the press and the public please, please, please shut their whingeing fucking traps and accept that maybe, just maybe, it`s not the manager that`s the problem, but maybe, just maybe, the players are shit?

3. Should Andrei Arshavin by rights be standing on a street corner sporting leather chaps, knee high boots, stilettos and a cheap fag inviting, “hey sailor, wanna have some fun?”

4. Paul Robinson`s Blackburn record thus far. One match, one hilarious error. Is it me or is he improving?

5. Am I the only one who thinks that, following his comments on Thursday, Arsene Wenger is most definitely not interested in Gareth Barry whatsoever?

6. Cheeky bid for Diarra anyone? Anyone? No? Just me then?

7. Does anyone else see the irony of Alex Song`s return to Craven Cottage after a thousand or so Arsenal fans brilliantly decided to boo him mercilessly at the same venue less than two years ago?

8. Surely Shteve McLaren wash, how you shay, joking ya?

9. Did my eyes deceive me or, whisper it quietly; did Chelsea actually play some attractive football last weekend?

10. Will Robin van Persie`s nose be put out of joint (not literally you understand, he`d be out for the season otherwise) now that Silvestre has walked straight into the treatment room? I hope someone warns Mikael not to misshape van Persie`s arse groove on his favourite treatment table.

11. Is that why Nasri is suddenly fit for the weekend? Has RvP had a word and scared him away from the bonbons and chocolate ├ęclairs that they keep in there?

12. Last month Arsene Wenger issued a missive against clubs talking about potential transfer targets by name in an attempt to unsettle them. Would he care to explain the following comment, “Barry is a player we look at.”?

13. Gallas. Diarra. Silvestre. Is Arsene trying to build a team of exclusively egg headed Frenchmen?

14. Re: David Bentley`s hairstyle. So he`s not trying to convince everyone he`s a massive twat just by what comes out of his mouth then?

15. Am I the only one who thought Kolo Toure looked like he`d been on the Guinness and Steak and Kidney`s all summer?

16. Following his ‘resignation/ sacking/ redundancy/ kicked out of the door via a massive Doctor Marten boot in his arse` Brian Barwick proudly trumped that Wembley Stadium was his legacy to the F.A. Strange because he took the job in January 2005, four years after the redevelopment was actually underway and seven years after the blueprints had already been drawn up. Though since January 2005, the cost of the project did almost double and become delayed twice. Worst?.legacy?..ever?

17. Given that Wenger has made the “sign a French player from a close rival in late August” an annual event, who will it be next year? Cheeky bid for Diarra anyone?

18. Is Valerei Bojinov the unluckiest man in football at the moment?

19. Does anyone else not feel at all sorry for Citeh fans given their shameless endorsement of Thaksin Shiniwatra?

20. Will the Totts ever bloody learn?

In closing I would like to wish a speedy recovery to Liam Brady.LD.