Date: 25th April 2008 at 1:27pm
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1. So the Scousers luck finally ran out. Why the hell do Chelsea of all teams have to benefit? That`s our karma you`re hogging!

2. Why couldn`t Ronaldo take a penalty like that when he stepped up against us two weeks ago?

3. If the gutter press are to be believed, how the hell are we going to field a team for next season?

4. Anyone else absolutely sick to death of transfer rumours? There are still three games to go before the window opens!

5. Is Diaby the new Rosicky?

6. Have Hleb and Flamini appeared in an Arsenal shirt for the final time?

7. Where the hell was Steven Gerrard on Tuesday night?

8. How the hell did Barca v United conspire to be such a tedious affair whilst Liverpool v Chelsea was actually, whisper it quietly, a decent attacking game?

9. Is William Gallas` sit in against Birmingham to blame for the crash in the property market?

10. Kolo Toure this week gave a revealing interview to Sky Sports. Predictably, like another Arsenal defender I can think of, his words have been twisted by media contortionists. Why hasn`t this caused Arsenal fans to label him a disgrace and too outspoken and selfish to play for Arsenal? (Like another Arsenal defender I can think of would have been).

11. Who at the BBC thought it was a good idea to make Steve McLaren part of the Radio Five Live commentary team for Euro 2008? (I remind you that the BBC is funded by the public).

12. Why so little uproar following Juve General Manager Luciano Moggi ill advised comments about gay people not being welcome at Juventus?

13. Wayne Rooney declares on his official website, “Yeah, there is too much diving now, especially among foreigners; they don’t consider it as a bad thing. They see it as a professional way of going for advantage.’ Is this the most hypocritical statement ever made by anyone in the history of the world ever, in perpetuity throughout the universe?

14. Should we start picking members of our all conquering ladies` team in the men`s side?

15. Was that a come and get me plea from Henry?

16. Mark Clattenburg`s shove on Mehdi Nafti last week. Refs fighting back or refs going overboard?

17. Will Neil Warnock ever entertain the notion that maybe, just maybe, Sheffield United were relegated because they were shit?

18. Does the F.A. have the legal right to fine managers and players for complaining about officials? They don`t pay players wages, they don`t employ players, how can they take money off them?

19. ‘You will see the real Tottenham. The way that the manager wants the team to play, that will come next season.’ This is a quote touted in today`s press from Robbie Keane. Is it me, or is this just another case of journalists rehashing old quotes again?

20. Is George Graham really in a position to lecture Arsenal about what to do with their money?

Two NBs here. Firstly, four years ago today Arsenal won the league at White Hart Lane, be sure to send all Spurs fans a nice anniversary card. Secondly, following one of my questions last week, well done to the official Arsenal magazine for comprehensively covering the terrific away support at Old Trafford on the first two pages of this month’s issue. If you look at the very top left of the picture, last person in the shot, you’ll see a young gentleman in a green jacket standing on his seat. Good lookinG guy too!LD.