Date: 7th March 2008 at 4:05pm
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1. Does David Bentley eat lemons for breakfast every morning? Because that boy sure is bitter.

2. Does Jose Mourinho’s little diabtrite against Arsene Wenger reveal that the so called Special One is not feeling so special right now? Aaargh, never mind Jose, one day you’ll be able to manage a club and be remembered for more than spending £31m on Shevchenko and obnoxious press conferences.

3. Was that our best European performance in the Wenger era?

4. Will Villa fans sing songs about Zat Knight’s snapped achilles tendon this weekend?

5. Did anyone else notice just how long it took Adebayor to congratulate Bendtner for his goal last weekend?

6. Does Fergamoan realise just how pathetic his jibes against Arsenal’s ‘usual seven minutes injury time’ make him sound? Is the biggest act of hypcorisy since, well, since Jose said Wenger had it easy at Arsenal?

7. Having won 5-1 and 2-0 on our last two visits to the San Siro, does that mean we can keep it? We could use it for reserve games!

8. Do unattractive young women exist in Italy?

9. Any Gooners out there still troubled by the cup exits to Moan United and the Spuds?

10. Who does everybody want in the next round of the Champions League?

11. What’s the betting Chelsea land Schalke in the next round?

12. Will Kolo Toure win his place back?

13. Is a Bolton manager complaining about a referee’s failure to apply the rules the biggest act of hypocrisy since, well, since Fergamoan said Arsenal always get generous amounts of injury time?

14. Why the fuss over Tim Cahill’s goal celebration last week?

15. Is anybody beginning to feel sorry for Newcastle United? Nah, me neither.

16. If I turn up early enough, do I have a chance of playing left wing against Wigan on Sunday?

17. Anyone else love the sight of Theo Walcott barging Kaka off the ball on Tuesday? Looked like a different player didn’t it?

18. Will Mathieu Flamini please, please, please just sign the f*****g contract already?

19. Are Tomas Rosicky’s hamstrings made of Ryvita?

20. Is sitting with your guitar trying to learn every single note of Radiohead’s latest album a productive use of a day off work?LD.