Date: 17th October 2006 at 11:47pm
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Thierry Henry was so incensed at the decision to rule out a perfectly legitimate goal in tonights Champions League clash, that the player usually cool and calm in all situations used the word ‘piss’ in an interview.

Having not been in a position to watch the game (bloody late shift)I can’t acurately comment on the match itself (Mr Stillman will provide the match report) the only thing I can comment on is Mr Henry’s outburst.

Leaving work I didn’t think the result was too disasterous as it something that can be very easily rectified, but having now seen the incident I’m more than a little peeved that we didn’t come away with a point.

An anger that is clearly echo’ed in Henry’s post match interview.

‘The referee claimed I took it with my right arm and put it in front straight away.’

‘The goalkeeper looked at me and had a little giggle about it. The centre back clapped the ref and was taking the piss out of him.’

‘I think it’s a disgrace. I asked the ref what did he see and he couldn’t tell me. He said at the end he didn’t talk about it anymore. He was happy to talk about other stuff with the boss but not that.’

‘It was a clear goal from me, whatever you want to say about it. I’m sorry but, once again, I don’t know what to say about that.’

‘To give me a yellow straight away – please, look at the replay.’

I can honestly say that I have never seen Thierry so wound up, a clear signal that he is telling the truth, although you don’t have to take his word for it – Just look at the replay.

Thierry Henry – Top Geezer.


19 Replies to “Thierry Henry Says ‘Piss’ On TV”

  • Surely this should win article title of the year…… a close second by Vital Chelsea’s “Dogturd of the week”

  • As I said in the article Neil, I have seen very little of the match itself, and I believe this article title will stand out amongst the rest 🙂

  • I understand TH’s temperament. It was a goal. Anyhow, we should get revenge at Ashburton Grove when they visit

  • it was a clear goal, i was so pissed watching the entire game on tv though, the pathetic pitch at moscow, and the cold weather and our game just wasn’t clicking, we barely had a shot in the second half and then from nowhere, thierry scored a clear goal and the f**king ref, it’s so pissing, bring on moscow in two weeks, they are going to get a drubbing they’ll never forget..

  • if Theirry says it, i believe it ! the man is pure class and when he swears it seems a natural word for him, i know a guy who swears all the time in public and it seems ok and natural, when i do it, it just sounds rude ….

  • If we had to lose a game this month that would have been the one to lose as we have more than enough chance to render it irrellevent. However, if we didn’t have Boris Yeltsin as a linesman and Gorbachev as referee we’d have earned a point. We’ll slaughter that lot at home.

  • It was one of the worst refereeing decisions I’ve ever seen but there seems to be a few of them cropping up in the CL theses there anywhere to watch a replay of it?Genuinely just to see what the referee was on!

  • Sometimes I like these unfair decisions. it’s not like they knocked us out, so all that it has done is make us really want to have them for lunch at The Grove, and have them for lunch, we will.

  • This is pure crap, that was never handball, I totally do not agree with this stupid decison, we better give them a good roasting when we face them at emirates and top the group. (and can we appeal yellow cards as he can’t get a card in the next game now.)

  • iceman lucky10 ,rocky 7 where are ya,the famous cfc done the overated barcs and what a second half performance!!all you lot said we would get done which tells me what i know,you’re all a bunch of handpumps!!come on the chels!what price csk moscow for the CL.

  • watchin chelski play today was very uninspiring,even barca looked totaly disinterested,essien for his price youd think that he could find the right pass when they are 3 against two on goal,and whats happened to shevie,i cant believe how much you payed for him,its almost embarrasing,good finish by the drog,but the defending was woefull,if only barca was as bad in paris,as they were 2nite.Eto wouldve made the difference possibly had he not been injured

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