Date: 29th November 2006 at 11:00am
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It’s official, Thierry Henry is rubbish. Well he must be to finish behind Zinedine Zidane in this years world player of the year award.

Ok, so quite obviously Thierry Henry isn’t rubbish, far from it, he IS the best player on the planet, but with the announcement of the three remaining candidates for FIFA’s world player of the year award, you’d think he must be.

The three players that coaches and captains of 207 different nations believe are the best in the world for the last 12 months are Fabio Cannavaro, Zinedine Zidane & Ronaldinho.

Cannavaro recently voted European player of the year, ok I can see why he is there, Ronaldinho, everybody`s favourite show pony, fair do’s……but Zidane??? What the **** has he done in football in the last year that warrants his place in the last three? (And Ronaldinho for that matter)

The decision is overwhelmingly stupid; it’s ridiculous and smacks of sentimentality. He has done NOTHING in football in the last year apart from retire. If you want to honour him by giving him a life times achievement award, then crack on, he certainly deserves that, but world player of the year? You’re avin’ a laugh mate.

Thierry Henry was the only player out of all four to reach both Champions League and World Cup finals, he knocked Cannavaro out of the Champions League by scoring past Juventus, he knocked Zidane out of the same competition by scoring a wonder goal at the Bernabeau to make Arsenal the first English team to win there and he scored the single goal against Brazil to eliminate Ronaldinho’s national side from the World Cup.

What does the player have to do to gain some recognition?

Astonishing decision, one that makes no sense what so ever and has made the award meaningless.

For me, they can shove it up their…………………


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  • it’s a good article an i tottaly agree with it,but what the f*** is wrong with u to put the headline henry is rubbish

  • henry is rubbish! Thats what european coaches and managers think!! Not as good as an aging headbutting french monk!!

  • For anyone who thought I was kidding about the continental bias against the UK before (and let’s not kid ourselves, most of the votes come from Europe), you now have my permission to think differently. Disgraceful doesn’t even begin to describe it. Here’s hoping it gets Henry a little hot under the collar and gets him on a scoring run, starting tonight.

  • yeah ZZ got awared for what ? headbutting a guy in the final and getting sent off because the guy fancied his sister ? pffft yeah thats world class innit !

  • i really hope he wins it in the next 4-5 years, cuz if anyone really deserves it in the last five years, it’s him, and i think he will eventually, but at the same time, it’s *****ing off to see all these great but undeserving players win the big awards year after year……ronaldo in 2002, and then michael owen for the european player in 2001, it’s just ridiculous..

  • The award actually covers the season 2005-06. I do wish people actually look at article 10 of the Ballon d’or which clearly sets out the judging criteria. It is not a disgrace. There is no mockery of the judging system. Why should the rules be changed for Henry to win it this year? Every player to win the award since 1967 has played for a team who has enjoyed a winning season. It almost always goes to a World Cup winner in a world cup year. Unfortunately Arsenal came 4th in the league and were runners-up in the Champions League and France came 2nd in the World Cup. This means that Henry did not play for a winning team last year .. close is not good enough, you still don’t get the cigar. For Cannavaro he captained the World Cup winning side, was probably the tournaments best defender, and Juventus won Serie A. And before everyone shouts match fix, please get the facts straight, Juventus were not stripped of their title and relegated for fixing matches. They received this punishment because it was proven that their management ATTEMPTED to do this. There was in fact no evidence they were successful and indeed some evidence shows their actions had an opposite effect. But it is not the team getting honoured it is the individual. Personally I think it is right that defenders occasionally win it. I agree with Little Dutch that Henry should have won in 2004.

  • Apologies wrong award. I confess as well that I am surprised that Henry didn’t make the list chosen by professionals in the game. I’d guess Ronaldinho is there for the La Liga / Champions League win and Cannavaro for obvious reasons. Zidane must be there as its the last chance for people to vote for him. Remember the award is chosen by the coach/captain of FIFAs football association. I seem to recall 3pts is if you are 1st choice and 1pt if you get third. The third choice chosen by a coach/captain often is a national player especially in the senior countries, whilst they also try to make a pick from their own national association. It is possible to pick up the bulk of your points being the 2nd and 3rd choices and win it overall. Definitely not as important as th Ballon d’or

  • if i was henry,and i managed to win the award in the future,i would tell them to stick it where the sun doesnt shine!!

  • As annoying as it is that Thierry doesn’t get any the awards we all know he deserves why should we care? Sure, it would be nice for him and it would make him more marketable but sod ’em. We know he is the best player in the world, and so do all the totally insane people that vote for this award. Given the fact that he will be 31 by the time they next vote, I can see Henry winning it now….unless he moves to Barca or retires!!!!

  • What bugs me is that if Henry was plying his trade with Barca, Madrid, Juvi or Milan, he’d have probably copped the award two or three times already. And that’s just messed up. But hell, if you can’t win the award when you’re Europe’s top scorer in a season when you were unbeaten in the league, or after being the first player to win the European Golden Boot in back to back years, when can you win? Just gotta laugh it off really.

  • Its a joke that he’s not even shortlisted. LOOK AT THE PLAYERS SHORTLISTED!

    Ronaldinho- Was he even in the chapions league final? He was the quietest player on the pitch as much of the world began to realise his silky tricks and skills are not as effective as Larsson’s neat power play.

    Zidane- well this is just stupid. not only has he been retired for half of 2006 he headbutted a player in the biggest footballing event in the world – what an advert for football. He let his country down as he was needed for the shoot-out. Also he had a crap season where he did nothing. Summary. He’s a disgrace and deserves no recognition this year.

    Cannavaro- Like Zidane he shone for a few weeks though had a pretty good season.

  • Zidane’s place is ridicoulous, Eto’o should have got it instead of him. Champions League winner and top scorer in Spain, he should be in the top3.

  • I am a Spurs and agree with what you are saying he should have won it once this season but I think the overall point is that none of the teams he played for this year won anything. It is a silly reason because its player of the year and not team, but if thats the way they have done it before then ….. It would be tradegy if he doesnt win it before the end of his career

  • He should have won it in 2004 as Shevchenko did no more than him that year. Continental bias decided it that time but Henry would not deserve it for 2006.

  • Zidane is a Footballing God,the best the world has ever seen a true legend.Playing in the french team together for all those years does’nt do Thierry any good,henry is good but compared to Zizou he’s nothing.

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