Date: 28th November 2006 at 12:08am
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Thierry Henry has once again been over looked for the title of European Footballer Of The Year, losing out to Italian World Cup captain Fabio Cannavaro.

Henry finished third in the voting behind two Juventus players (Fabio Cannavaro has since moved to Real Madrid) Cannavaro & Gigi Buffon.

Now maybe I’m being bitter or maybe there is some truth in what I’m saying, but the supposed top two players in Europe came from a team that cheated it’s way to victory, how can that be right?

Ok so the players weren’t directly involved, but had the referees been on the up and up they might not have achieved the dizzy heights that they did.

Comparing the Cannavaro and Mr Henry, surely there could only have been one true winner.

International football: Cannavaro – World Cup winner. Henry World cup finalist, only lost on penalties.

Domestic football: Cannavaro lead his team to the Serie A title only for it to be stripped away after foul play had been proven. Thierry Henry in his first season as captain dragged the mighty gunners in to a top four spot and into the Champions League, becoming the leagues top scorer and having the best goals to games ratio in Europe.

European Football: Cannavaro’s Juventus barely made it past the group stages, needing a lucky last minute gift of a goal on matchday six to progress. They eventually succumbed to Arsenal in the quarter final. Thierry Henry & Arsenal were within 15 minutes of being crowned European Champions, Henry scored vital goals against Sparta Prague, Real Madrid and indeed Juventus.

Yes I’m an Arsenal fan, and yes I’m very biased towards the red and white half of North London, but surely I can’t be alone in saying that there is something fundamentally wrong with giving this award to a player who essentially comes from a team that, with or without the players knowledge, cheated. Can I?


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  • It is an absolute disgrace, and I just do not understand how he can be overlooked! UEFA are the biggest bunch of idiots! Cannavaro was hardly impressive for Juventus, where as Henry was consistently good in the Champions League last year, and did well in the World Cup, and I am just amazed that the best player in the world for the last 5 years or so, still hasn’t even been given European Player of the year!

  • what a load of rubbish…what has cannavaro done better than king TH14 to receive this award…nothing!!! the decision is absolutely farsical

  • To true. put the facts like that and what more is there to say.

    Add the consistency over the past 5 years that Henry has been nominated for this award only to miss out or finish in the top three.

    Is there bribery coming from the Italians once again?

    Italy were not the most convincing in Germany (not that France were) and due to a suspect decision against Australia they could well have been out.

    The fact that Juve are playing lower division football must say something.

    The World has gone Mad – something is truely wrong with this decision.

  • This year; ok I can understand, I did see Canavaro ***** Thierry over in the first two minutes in the WC final, and dominate all game (although Thierry obviously deserves after all the match-fixing scandal; and for other reasons), but in the last three years… Christ. How can he not be voted in? It’s a weird, cliquey voting system. I mean, Shevchenko got voted over Henry. WHAT THE *****? Look at Shevchenko now – I think that says it all.

    From this voting panel, all the way up to Blatter (who just flaty refused desperately required video evidence for referees!?!?!?!?!?) football is run by an abominal group; short sighted, fuddy duddy, conservative, traditionalist, old, stale, crooked… *****ERS.

  • this proves this is a worthless award, and a travesty of justice. For the first time there was absolutely no justification to give it to ronaldinho, and they give it to a bloke who whilst inning the world cup, got dumped out of the CL bt TH14’s team, our boys, and were ashamedly stripped of their league title. A disgrace. Houllier said is is too. The award is a sham.

    »»Arsene Knows««

  • You lot are so very deluded!! Cannovaro is the greatest player of the year by a country mile!!! He, Zambrotta and Buffon almost won the WC for Italy all by themselves! Whether you like to admit it or not Henry chokes on the big occasions, CL final, almost any game for France. Bottles away trips to Bolton?!? He is a FANTASTIC player, but there’s no way he should of won ahead of Cannovaro!!

  • Cannarvaro was patchy for Juventus at best. Henry was awesome for us last year. And bottles the big ocassions? You read too many red tops BY, you’ve been sucked in by all the hype. Henry has scored on just as many of the big ocassions as not. Show me a player who scores on every big ocassion. When was the last time fat frank scored past Man Utd or Arsenal? Has Rooney scored past Liverpool or Chelsea? Where was Ronaldinho in the World cup or the CL final? And I don’t know which game you were watching but Henry was fantastic in the CL final, a true captains performance, he could barely stand by the end of it………..and as for saying he bottles trips, I’ve never heard any of you lot say anything like that until Mr Stillman’s article. As for France, Henry is 2 goals away from becoming their all time top scorer, and you’re telling me he chokes?!?!?! Absolute rubbish.

  • Just another example of the continental bias against the UK…Henry not winning is a disgrace, and as far as I remember Henry made the Italian defense look like swiss cheese twice in the second half (let’s not even get into the Juventus tilts, where that team went from being called the second best in Europe to true Old Ladies in 90 minutes). It’s a joke, simple as that.

  • He doesnt turn up? Winner vs Real Madrid in the Bernabeu? Knocked the world champions out of the world cup? Chelsea and Liverpool are 2 of the teams he has scored most against? short memories!

  • This is the same Cannavaro who played half the year for match fixers? The same one who is struggling in la liga? The same one who was ripped apart by Fabregas and Henry in march? In second place, Buffon? Who has spent half the year in Serie B? Confirms what we all know, corporate jism. I honestly don’t think TH deserves it this year, but he was robbed in 2003 and 2004.

  • Every player to win the award since 1967 has played for a team who has enjoyed a winning season. The award actually covers the season 2005-06. Unfortunately Arsenal came 4th in the league and were runners-up in the Champions League and France came 2nd in the World Cup. For Cannavaro he captained the World Cup winning side and Juventus won Serie A. And before everyone shouts match fix, please get the facts straight, Juventus were not stripped of their title and relegated for fixing matches. They received this punishment because it was proven that their management ATTEMPTED to do this. There was in fact no evidence they were successful and indeed some evidence shows their actions had an opposite effect. I agree with Little Dutch that Henry should have won in 2004.

  • But the award is irrespective of team achievements, it’s an individual award. And indiviually, Henry was a better and more consistent performer! Deny it if you want, but Henry was awesome last year EVEN in the CL final, and Cannavaro was only awesome in the world cup. I’d offer that had France won that penalty shoot out that Henry would have claimed the award, even though the performances for the previous 12 months were the same. Which makes this award….B@LLOCKS

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