Date: 28th May 2006 at 5:35pm
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It’s been a slow news week this week, but you can always rely on the Sunday red tops for a few juicy rumours.

According to todays ‘News Of The World’ Sol Campbell has been told he is free to leave Arsenal if he so wishies. This story sounds similar to the way old Paddy ended up, so who knows, it may be true, and Fulham lead the way for his signature.

The ‘Sunday People’ reckon Vieira is fed up with Juventus and wants to return to his beloved Gunners. There is no link to this story.

On the same page as the Sol to Fulham story, we have been tipped to land Nuri Sahin & Fran Merida For a fee of 2 million smackers.

Sky Sports has us linked with Cologne’s Adil Chihi the youngster is seen as a replacement for Pires and it rumoured to be making his International debut today.

I think that will do for today.

See you next time in The Rumour-Mill


15 Replies to “The Rumour-Mill”

  • Campbell and fulham dont match i understand fernbache but fulham.Vieira dont really want him we just got a new midfielder we dont need more

  • fran merida…!!!? I hope so looking at the earlier footage Paul provided us with from youtube!!!!

  • would take paddy v back for around 5 or 6 mil tbh… glad to see we’re linked with sahin, chelsea are in there too… merida is inevitable hopefully, rumourdly training with celta vigo… check this out btw: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! funny stuff…

  • I wouldn’t be sad to see Campbell leave. He’s been past his best for a long time.

  • I will be very angry if they did say that to campbell, “he’s played his last game for us”, you can’t say that to a great british born player who has given everything to us, I for one wish him to stay and hope its just pure rumors.

  • Ha Ha Ha very nice, you people with your stupid mindless views that know jack about football, tell me, how are we a one man team, I take it you are talking about Thierry Henry here, we still have to pass the ball to him and can play very well without him, but cause he’s so great and stands out, you call us a 1 man team, what team do you support?, bet its spurs or some other jealous fan of us keeping Henry.

  • Merida, – good for the future…Chihi and Sahin as well.. But what are we gonna do with kids…. we need a decent established player who can com in and make a difference when called upon….

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