Date: 20th August 2010 at 7:25pm
Written by:

Mark Hughes claims Arsenal could be trying to disrupt Fulham goalkeeper, Mark Schwarzer as the Welshman reports the Gunners have made a second, albeit identical, offer for the Austrailian stopper.

Reports have been made that the Red and White side of North London have lodged bids for Fulham’s number 1 as we attempt to solidify our back line.

Hughes claims, ‘Mark is aware of the interest of Arsenal. That knowledge is distracting and disruptive. It’s not at all inevitable he will leave. We wouldn’t encourage an improved bid.’

‘There wasn’t an improved offer from Arsenal – it was exactly the same one that was put forward in May. The situation hasn’t moved on. There’s been contact but no improved offer.

‘I don’t know if Arsenal are trying to disrupt him. There are many things clubs, players and agents do to unsettle players.’

First of all I will say this, if Fulham say they are not entertaining bids for the keeper, then considering our stance over Cesc Fabregas in the summer then it would be in our best interests to walk away now and search elsewhere. Hypocrisy is not a pretty trait, especially after the extreme measures we went to this summer to ensure Cesc’s services for at least another season.

With that out of the way, I’d like to point out the big gaping flaw in Mark Hughes logic. For Arsenal to be attempting to unsettle the player we would have to have publicly and consistently fluttered our eyelashes at Schwarzer, yet the only time Arsenal and Schwarzer are mentioned in the same sentence from any official sources are when Hughes opens his trap to talk about it, so only one person is responsible if Schwarzer is unsettled.

If lodging a bid is to be considered unsettling a player, then every transfer in the history of the game is tainted with it.

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