Date: 18th August 2007 at 8:30pm
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We all know that the English Football Association is a complete joke, but you would think that perhaps they would show some signs that they consider everyone to be on an even playing field, wouldn’t you?

Well they clearly don’t care that it’s clear they favour some managers over others.

I’ll keep this reasonably brief.

Last season Arsene Wenger was fined on three occasions by the FA. Most notable was his fine for calling a linesman a liar after Adebayor was sent off for something he clearly didn’t do during the Carling Cup final. After Eboue lashed out at Frank Lampard the referee sent off Adebyor for punching the fat Chelsea midfielder. The FA backed their officials, then said they would review the incident.

They then claimed Adebayor tried to punch Lampard. That, of course was proven wrong, so they again changed their charge to ‘acting aggressively’ towards Lampard. That too was clearly rubbish, the Togo international was trying to pull players apart. Indeed, even the Ginsters-loving Lampard denied that Adebayor had done anything wrong. Despite that, the FA hit the frontman with a 3-match ban. And as if to add insult to injury, they even saw fit to extend the ban from 3 to 4 matches.

They also hit Eboue with a 3 match ban for the same offence. So, who was guilty? unless they share a body, only one of them went for Fat Frank!

So, Arsene Wenger was right, they lineo was a liar, but that didn’t stop the FA hitting Wenger with a massive fine.

Last season Mourniho got away with calling a referee a son of a whore. Something in a match (I forget what) didn’t go Chelsea’s way, the Chelsea manager lost his temper and launched the attack at an official in Portuguese. It wasn’t in English, the Ref didn’t understand it, does that mean it’s ok? I don’t think so. Did the FA act? Of course not!

On Wednesday after Ronaldo was rightly sent off for trying to headbutt Richard Hughes United Gaffer Alex Ferguson slammed Ref Steve Bennett. Speaking to MUTV he said: ‘Steve Bennett sent him off at City (in 2006) and will have loved the opportunity to send him off again.

Now, although he’s done it in a different way, he’s done what Wenger did and called an officials integrity into doubt.

An FA spokesman said it was ‘highly unlikely’ Fergie would face any action over his comment.

Why? Well, I have my opinions, and I think I’ve made them clear in the article, and I’m sure you all have your own.

One thing’s for sure, The FA are useless, incompetent and a waste of time!


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  • Oh please, Mourinho he called the guy a son of a bitch, but the ref didn’t here it. He also calls his players that, etc. He doesn’t really mean it in the literal sense of the word ya know. If you yell at a police men in brazil, if he hears it(whatever language you are using) he’ll beat the ***** out of you. But if he doesn’t here you, it don’t matter.

  • Well we’re not talking about policemean and we’re not talking about Brazil. Was it Bridge, Goofle?

  • I think it was Bridge. But everyone knows if AW said the same thing he would of already been slapped with a FA charge. The FA is extremely biased and its so obvious.

  • Calling the referee(from far away and in a different language) a jerk doesn’t question the ref’s credibility, it doesn’t affect the rules, calling the linesman a liar does. That’s the difference, can’t you get that?

  • I seem to recal Petit being sent off for saying somethinfg offensive, in French, toward the linesman – din’t seem to matter which language he used on that day….

  • When I said “if AW said the same thing” I was refering to SAF post game comments. That defiantely deserves a fine. AW would of got one if he said the same thing. I dont know about the Jose incident but that wasnt a public comment was it?

  • this article is pretty pathetic, if your so soft that a few “heated” words ofends you, your in the wrong sport mate. man the ***** up!!!!

  • Gunnerkid, Jose was yelling from the bench during a chelsea game, he yelled at his players, at the referee, at everyone. He didn’t go to the press or something like that. The cameras that captured what he said , and some interpreters(eheem..) took it in it’s literal sense, and overly reacted to it.About the Petit thing, he probably was acting agressively in front of the referee.

  • Eboue clattered (when i say clattered i mean touched) bridge. I think thats the incident your on about?

  • I never said that Maureen called the ref’s credibility, but it’s still something that you would expect to be punished. I said that Fergie questioned the refs credibility.

  • United4life, it’s not about what I can and can’t take, it’s about the FA and the way they deal with things. You cannot deny that Fergie was questioning Bennett’s credibility with those comments, which is what Wenger did after the LC final. If one is punished, then why isn’t the other?

  • if you call me a liar i will argue the case,if you call my mother a dog,i will farking kill you

  • it was son of a bitch,was it not,so it means a whore,but we all know a bitch is a female dog,so it doesnt really matter,you shouldnt go round saying bad things about peoples mothers,unless its the nevilles,which incidently is the only women with two ****z

  • I never said you said mourinho called the ref’s credibility, I’m saying Wenger did. “….and will have loved the opportunity to send him off again” He said that, the ref loved the chance of sending the player off, and if CRonaldo did something worthy of a red card, what’s the problem? Wenger called the ref a liar, it’s different. Yeah Fran, but if they do it behind your back, how will you kill them? Plus, he didn’t mean it in the literal sense,

  • i didnt mean it in the literal sense either,its just as bad to insult someones mother as to insult someones integrity,but the difference here was that wenger was right the linesman was a liar and the fa are a bunch of weak inbeciles

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