Date: 29th July 2010 at 6:29pm
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This will be a short article, as I’m just not quite sure what to say, but this needs to be seen to be believed.

Whilst perusing the forum this morning I noticed a striking thread posted by our very own LittleDutch entitled ‘The definition of hypocrisy’. Naturally I assumed John Terry had been moaning about someone stealing his parking space or Stan Collymore was objecting to being slapped round the head by a woman.

What lay within obliterated any thoughts of what might have been the subject matter and I sat open mouthed long enough for my tongue to go dry leaving me unable to speak. Which is probably just as well.

Now before reading on, you might want to take a seat, pour yourself a stiff drink or whatever it is you do before hearing some absolutely astonishing news.

Ok, brace yourselves ….. Big Fat Sam Allardyce has been complaining about over aggressive football played by AEK Athens in a pre-season friendly.


I’m not lying.

Here’s what he said.

‘I had to take David Dunn off for his own protection because the referee wasn’t protecting him from the volatile nature of the Greek midfield just going straight through him,’

‘We were disappointed in that sort of attitude in a friendly game really rather than playing football, they were intent on stopping our best player which meant it got a little heated at times.’

Over to you guys.