Date: 2nd May 2007 at 11:58am
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Over the past few weeks debates have been raging all over the interweb after supposed information was leaked regarding Arsenal’s away/third strip for the 2007/08 season.

Pictured below are to possible prototypes of the shirt. The top one coming from Arseblog and the second shirt coming for The Online Gooner

The big talking point amongst Gooners is the fact that the main body of the shirt is white (similar to our precious neighbours) and indeed the main consensus is that most fans are opposed to the shirt for that very reason.

It is seen by many as a disturbing way to pocket a few extra roubles by Nike, and is seen as going against tradition.

I personally have no problem with either shirt, in fact I think they look quite nice. I’m not dancing from the roof tops that Arsenal are bringing out another shirt when it seems we have to shell out almost every season, however there is a simple solution to that; Don’t buy it.

I’m not overly bothered that it seems to go against the tradition of yellow and blue, of course those who know their history will know that we have already had a white away shirt in the past.

And as for getting your knickers in a twist because Spurs wear white……….It’s got the Arsenal badge on it, it will be worn by the Arsenal players and sold in the Arsenal shops.

Well that’s my own personal opinion, what do the rest of you think?


33 Replies to “The Great Arsenal Away Shirt Debate”

  • I really like both. The one on the top has gold on the edges, not green! But all this petition against stopping the shirt being white and all that crap from all the blogs is pathetic. They are just doing it for the sake of it. I see no reason why we should boycott it just because it is a little similiar to our niegboors. Its just so silly. They release new kits every 2 years anyway so I see no argument in the “nike trying to make a quick buck out of poor gooners” argument. Just because we have a white away kit, it doesn’t mean it will ever make us as as tottenham, so get over it. if you just wanna be a sheep and follow whatever arseblogger says then do so.

  • But to be honest lads you would prefer it if it wsn’t white wouldn’t you??? I know I wouldn’t really appreciate a Red away strip

  • I’m not a traditionalist, but I think yellow is synonymous with our club. That said, I never buy these anyway so I don’t really care. My main question is can someone please explain to me the logistics of having a red and white away kit? How the ***** are we ever gonna be able to wear this at Anfield or Old Trafford? It’s the same colour as our home kit! Why is nobody else asking this question? Has the world gone mad? Has my prescription run out?

  • LD I’ve heard that this is likely to become our away kit with this seasons away kit dropping down to third choice, so the yellow kit will be worn when we play other red&whitey’s.

  • Yes LD that is one question every gooner would like to know the answer,
    some say that we will wear the 3rd kit in those macthes but I am not sure we will and both of them looks fake

  • 2nd one looks a very similar style to our home shirt from last season….don’t you lot think??

  • I dont really give a ***** about the white on it (thats just like the pathetic spurs argument about having red on their kit), but I would say I would love Arsenal to ALWAYS wear their first kit unless it clashes with the home team. then wear second kit, which by logic could never be white and red. so yes Yellow would be my preference.

  • Christ GAZZAP calm down, I was only asking a fu**ing question. The question was would you prefer it if it wasn’t white?? Obvioulsy you don’t like it and thats why you had to start being a pr**k about it

  • I think that the kits looks nice and will make a change … your not the only one going white away , we (hull) are having a kit away next season looking like our best “friends” leeds lol

  • The top picture looks like a training top and the bottom one looks fake. I would imagine the away kit will be yellow or dark blue again.

  • But when else would we need to wear our away kit other than when we’re playing teams in red and white? The only other times I recall us wearing a change strip, is at Fulham, Bolton and Leeds. But we couldn’t wear this then either!

  • none too keen on it, the first one, which looks far the more genuine of the two, looks a little cheap if you ask me – i’m not quite sure what it is, maybe in the flesh it would look better… »»Arsene Knows««

  • A lot of people are complaining that the shirt is too white!
    Well in case they hadnt noticed a lot of our home kit has white in it
    Anyways it will just make us the best white side in London (even tho its our away kit) but no doubt we will earn more success in that white then **** will in theirs

  • its a thierd strip ffs, what difference, how many times have we worn our third stripe ? and usely in europe.. i actually like it for a change.. but not sure if it IS our third kit and would like to know where the info has come from.. if you check the usual sources of arsenal, nike and such, nobody is mentioning a thing.

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