Date: 6th January 2007 at 3:16pm
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The good (Thierry Henry) The Bad movie (Henry’s strange analogy) and the injury

Thierry Henry has spoken about how he hopes he has learnt his lessons with regards to playing through injury.

The Arsenal skipper admitted that he played the latter end of the season whilst suffering injuries, even though he knew he shouldn’t.

‘When you physically can’t go on, the wise thing to do is not to go out there. It doesn’t help you and it doesn’t help the team,’ said the captain.

He then went into strange analogy mode.

‘It’s like when you are watching a bad movie with your wife and you are both falling asleep. You will say ‘I’m not falling asleep’ and you won’t admit the film is rubbish. You keep on watching it.’

‘My brain was like that. When people asked if I was okay I would say ‘Yes’ even though I knew I wasn’t.’

‘You have to read the right signals in your body. One thing I have found difficult to do is to listen to my body. I need to do that.’

‘I hope all my problems are over but when you average over 60 games a season you pay the price.’


34 Replies to “The Good, The Bad Movie & The Injury”

  • I wonder what movie he was watching? Probably a bootleg DVD of Sp*rs 05/06 season titled ‘as good as it gets’ Its apparently a Comedy.

  • I was in a pub, both games were on everything was great, except that I don’t remember anything after the game – the pints just kept coming! DB coming on and WHam scored – didn’t know what to applaud more! A great day.

  • hey guys can any of you give me the link or upload the highbury celebrations tat followed the wigan match. espn didn’t show the entire thing, and i searched all over the internet, but only found a three minute video. so if anyone if you have it, then please upload it or give me the link if you’ll have it..

  • double by mozart and was that the perfect
    “are u tott’nam are u tott’nam are u tott’nam in disguise?” after the 2nd? Keep it up Arsenal!

  • hahaha two and easy, tomcat is back, really glad for him, if anyone deserved a goal, it’s him..

  • there’s no better competition than the FA Cup and no better player in the world then TH14! Bring on the Reds (again!)

  • great win, we won at anfield, we won at old trafford, and we should have won at the bridge too, the lads are playing so well in the big games, hope this run continues in the champions league too..

  • yeh but G4L i hope our FA Cup run doesent affect our Champions League campaign, last year we wer eknocked out early for the first time in years, and wt a co-incidence, we reached the CL final for the first time, just dun want it to cost us the Champions League, that’s my only major concern..

  • We need a new Front page story for poor souls like us who are not in the stadium for every match to comment on live..

    Message to Liverpool : “We will be back”.

  • luckys that is too true. I hope that the returning players will give wenger more options to rest some players for the Champions League. I am sure Gilberto, Toure, Hleb, would enjoy a rest. In the Carling Cup: Theo, Djourou, Baptista, Aliadiere, and Song. Lauren and Diaby on the bench!

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