Date: 6th June 2006 at 6:04pm
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In a time when ‘Tapping up’ has been the buzz phrase of the year, I’m just wondering how long it is going to be before something will be done about Real Madrid.

If reports are to be believed, Real Madrid are about to make a 30 Million quid bid for Arsenal duo, Jose Reyes and Cesc Fabregas.

Within the space of just a few years Real Madrid have attempted to unsettle Patrick Vieira, Ashley Cole, Thierry Henry, Arsene Wenger, Freddie Ljungberg and now Jose Reyes and Fabregas.

Now if their club wants to buy players then they should go through the proper channels and not use our players and manager as pawn’s in their presedential elections.

No matter which way you look at it, this is a form of tapping up, it’s letting the player know that you’re interested in them with out speaking to said players club first. Madrid are the bully boys of the European leagues and yet time after time nothing has been done about them.

It’s gone on for years, and all of the governing bodies just seem to allow them to conduct their business in such a way, but surely something should be done.

However, we should be proud that one of Europe’s giants covet the cream of our talent, and prouder still, that to date, the cream of our talent has resisted the lure of the Bernabeau.


24 Replies to “The Galactico’s Are At It Again”

  • 30 million for reyes and cesc would u take that or no? or sell reyes and keep cesc

  • I’m not foolish enough to believe that Arsenal’s transfer dealings are always as above board as we would like, but this is getting ridiculous. I wouldn’t be so bothered if they were going to follow up with legal approaches, but it’s all political propaganda for the presidential elections. I really wish they’d FECK OFF!

  • £30 million for the pair is a gross undervaluation – if a 30 year old striker is worth £30+million, then TWO of the greatest YOUNG talents in Europe are certainly worth more.

  • With Gallas saying that Chelsea have now offered MORE to him than Milan, one has to question how Milan can have offered him anything as they have not been given permission to speak to him!!! Seems to me it is rife all over Europe.

  • I’ve heard something like that too sdandrk, infact I was shocked to hear (dunno if it’s true) that Gallas had lready agreed personal terms with AC Milan, I mean, how can he do that when Chelsea don’t want to sell?

  • Chelsea can moan all they like about Gallas but its the same situation that arsenal had with henry whereby he will be in the last year of his contract & can buy himself out when it expires on july 1st. As for real madrid 30 million wouldnt be enough to buy one of cesc’s boots let alone a double swoop of cesc & reyes.

  • It’s only English sides that get done for tapping up! Tell Real to take a jump! And whilst you’re at it do the same to Milan with regard to Gallas.

  • Well its a bad thing to do but if u look at it a big club thinks our players and manager are great.

  • I realy dnt think that Jose or Cesc wil go to Madrid. They have dedicated both of their long term carrers to arsenal and i jst dn see them leaving. People have been critisizing Reyes, bt i still think hes gona be a massive success. he duz hav talent, n if u dnt trust me u shld trust Arsene saying that he wil b one of d worlds best players. as for Cesc his talent has alredy bin proved for most ppl.

  • Come on Reyes is just a one trick cheet!! Fabregas on the other hand is starting to look class, last season he really did step up his game! (and was apart from TH your best player)But thats why Real want him! And we all know what Real want…. Real get!!!

  • Once again ‘ihatescum’, have you read the article???? RM have been after most of our talent for years, and did they get it? did they balls. The only player they got was a player we paid 500,000 for and they paid 23m for, and scored about three goals for them. Real can try and bully all they want, but all they get is what we allow them to get!!!

  • Funny thing is I have heard from friends in the media that both barcelona & real madrid are going to be keeping an eye on lennon through this world cup, so if he impresses then the spuds will lose their best player.

  • That is totaly underpriced. They are worth more than that as a pair. Fabregas is growing into a class act and will be a key player in arsenals plans.

  • Baring in Mind that Madrid don?t have Chelsea?s budget is the valuation really that far off? Cesc finally showed more than just potential this season and would a £20m valuation not be about right? It?s just my opinion but I think Reyes is grossly overrated and would not expect much more than £10m for him (but then if Crouch was valued at £7.5m??)

  • Well we paid up tp £17million for Reyes, and if he’s still got something to offer the club (which he obviously has), then I really can’t see him being allowed to leave for anything less than £20million. As for Cesc – he’s got at least 14 years of top flight football left in him, and he’s showing himself as one of the best in Europe – I think it would take more than £20million to prise him away.

  • if real concentrated more on football then politics maybe we wouldnt embarass them so much…i dont think it’ll unsettle the pair though maybe just reyes, im not sure how happy he is.

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