Date: 10th August 2010 at 1:08am
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For some reason Capello has always appeared to me to have the face of a clown without his makeup. Maybe, with that thought in mind, for me he will always cut something of a stumbling comic figure that somehow has convinced those in power he is made for a job he seems to me ill equipped to do. Sometimes doors just open for you as for the simple gardener that Peter Sellers once played in a film in which he eventually became President of the US. George W later went on to prove that truth can be just as strange as fiction.

The timidity with which Capello went about his squad and team selection for the World Cup shows nothing of the innovative, creative, tactically aware coaching genius he is supposed to be. Though he has had an impressive record in the arthritic football of Serie A, like many Italian coaches of his age he doesn`t really trust youth and is always likely to make what he thinks are safe choices.

Maybe that`s why I find his advice to Gibbs and Wilshere to seek to go elsewhere on loan or whatever if they don`t get enough playing time at Arsenal in order to further their international prospects the thoughtless musings of a clown. Wilshere was only picked for England because he spent some time last season on loan to Bolton he claims. No he wasn`t he was picked because he is a precociously talented Arsenal player that had already gained plenty of exposure before going on loan to Bolton. Had he been on loan from Crystal Palace he wouldn`t have got anything like the recognition he did. By contrast Gibbs only played 7 times for Arsenal last season but his quality was still able to be recognised by the national team. Unsettling players at such a young age with clumsily veiled threats that their international prospects could be harmed if they aren`t first choice with their clubs is both disingenuous and disruptive.

There was a time, not too long ago, when the young England side, and thereby the stepping stone to the full side, was the U23`s. With that in mind telling 18 year old Wilshere that he should be agitating now for a first team place instead of reassuring him that he has possibly another 18 years, literally a lifetime in his terms, of a professional career in front of him if he takes care of himself properly is just promoting impatience and unreasonable expectations – both of and from the player. International football reaps the benefits of the work of others – it does nothing itself to improve the quality of players. In fact forcing them to play ill timed and meaningless international friendlies is among the most counterproductive of demands on professional players. Let the clubs manage their own players – that`s how they get where they are now in the first place.

Capello`s ability to speak English is improving but doesn`t yet match his ability to speak Rubbish.

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