Date: 12th September 2006 at 3:26pm
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It was only 2 years ago that Arsenal went a full season unbeaten, only four years ago we did the double, it’s obvious to anyone with eyes that over the past ten years the glory days have well and truly been around the boys in red & white.

The amount of sucess we have encountered in the Wenger years has made a few Gooners a little bit complacent & too expectant, that we should win something every year. Discussions have been taking place on the Vital Arsenal forums and the older element (those who remember the dark times) are just happy to be playing great football, where as the younger generation demands sucess.

There’s a real difference between the ages.

Let Vital Arsenal member FatOldDave give you his take on the subject.


It’s quite noticeable that most young Arsenal fans are insistent that we must win things. That is understandable given the success the club has enjoyed over the last decade under Wenger.

The younger fans know no different.

For us older fossils, success is not the be all and end all. I have experienced just about every emotion following the Gunners, and there is no doubt the successes have been all the sweeter when you have the memories of losing big games and nearly being relegated. There was pleasure, even last season, watching the style and quality of football we produced when you have experienced watching dire wars of attrition week in and week out in years gone by.

For me now, I ask only that Wenger has a plan, and we appear to be moving forward. I am so convinced. I wouldn’t sit here now and say we will win this or that. The beauty of football is there are so many variables involved, injuries, dodgy decisions, even another transfer window. I will say we have got the considerable challenge of overcoming the loss of Bergkamp, who was not only a great player himself, but made those around him better players too. Hleb, Rosicky, and Fabregas are the players who must make our game work, and the signs are good. The arrival of Gallas and Baptista should strengthen us but we may have to show some patience while they find their place in the set-up.

I guess I’m just using far too many words to say don’t burden yourself with expectations of success that may not arrive this year. Let our triumphs be a pleasant, and exhilarating, surprise.

Article submitted by FatOldDave