Date: 30th April 2016 at 8:15pm
Written by:

That was tough to watch.

Despite the performance being fairly underwhelming it`s not the performance I am referring to, it`s the protest against Arsene Wenger.

Don`t get me wrong, I`m in support of a change at Arsenal Football Club, we`ve passed the point of no return now and the time is right to move in a new direction, however Arsene Wenger is, and always will be a legend of our club and his legacy will live for as long as the club is around.

I don`t blame the fans for the protest, the frustration has been building over many years, but that didn`t make it any easier to see the man who have given this clubs it`s great moments in its history on the receiving end of a protest.

He was visibly affected by the fans today, the pain etched on his face. He does love the club and believes what he`s doing is right but it is pretty obvious he`s not to lead us forward.

Interestingly Wenger also received support from the Arsenal fans, (possibly) the majority of the Gooners in the stadium leapt to his defence, sporting their own signs and singing “There`s only one Arsene Wenger”, but that didn`t make the negative supporting any less uncomfortable.

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