Date: 24th February 2007 at 2:32pm
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Chelsea’s John Terry seems to have made an astonishing recovery just in time to face Arsenal in tomorrows League Cup Final.

In an official press release and their website, Chelsea said…

‘John Terry will play in tomorrow’s Carling Cup Final against Arsenal. The Chelsea captain has recovered from the ankle injury sustained against Porto.’

‘The speed of Terry’s recovery has suprised even the medical department who had told Jose Mourinho that Terry would be available for the Portsmouth game next week.

So there we have it. Terry plays. Mind games or a potential unfit player on the park?

You decide.


30 Replies to “Terry To Face Arsenal”

  • Mind games?Why would we risk the champions league for the carling cup?It makes no sense.Maybe it didn’t injured anything, just bruise and pain.It happens sometimes.Rarely though.

  • I don’t think he’s fit, I just think Chelsea know they’re not the same without him and they’re playing an unfit player. Very unwise, the Spuds have been doing that with King for a year now, it never leads to good things for the player.

  • No I didnt see it Rocks (in true Wenger style!), I saw him going off on the stretcher. I hope he is still injured and they’re playing him anyway. Hang on, this whole ‘playing him while he’s injured’ sounds familiar don’t it Paul? ­čśë

  • Its mind games. Imagine the kids reaction when they thought that JT will not play but a day before match, he is fit to play.

  • so he’s fit. Big deal. that means no whining when we turn them over good and proper with a beastly performance. ┬╗┬╗Arsene Knows┬ź┬ź

  • if they are playing him when his fitness is in question, they’re asking for trouble – he could tweak something, and be out for quite a while… ┬╗┬╗Arsene Knows┬ź┬ź

  • when he play us in the fa cup final, he play through the pain killer..and not performing best.

  • I admire him for playing, I’m certain he muct be experiencing some discomfort, but look at titi, he has not been able to perform to his usual standards with this foot injury he apparently has, so Terry runs the risk of making himself look flat-footed, cumbersome, and a liability to chelski’s efforts tomorrow. ┬╗┬╗Arsene Knows┬ź┬ź

  • Theres no way JT will be completely 100% so it highlights the difference between Le Boss’ and Mourinho’s views on the cup.

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