Date: 29th November 2006 at 7:32pm
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01 Lehmann
31 Hoyte
05 Toure
06 Senderos
16 Flamini
07 Rosicky
17 Song Billong
19 Silva
13 Hleb
14 Henry
11 Van Persie


65 Replies to “Team to face Fulham”

  • this is ludicrous. Eboue, Clichy and Fabregas all rested, Why? they were our best players in the last game,. ****. Fulham have just scored. Lehmann has to go. I am not a fan of his at all.

  • What do you mean Lehmann has to go?? I think its time for wenger to go he has clearly lost it. You dont change a team like he has & I think its clear his time has come. His actions & words this season have been ridiculous & I think for his own sanity he needs to walk away.

  • How about that??? That was an AWESOME goal! lets hope we can build on it!! one more before half time would do then go on and grab a couple more in the second half!

  • Dont forget this is a very poor fulham team that is missing two of their first choice defenders in this match & yet they we are still making them look world beaters. It would be funny if it wasnt so humiliating!!

  • Man simmo you got hope, these last few games have made me lose hope, we just keep on losing-drawing and it’s so annoying, it’s like we have lost the will to defend!

  • guys, i know at the moment this result has the potential to suck big time, but it’s just because we’re used to seeing arsenal win. RVPs pulled one back, but if we still go down in this game, let’s not get carried away with stuff like wenger’s got to go, etc. If the yeam continues to yeild results liek this for many more games this season, i think Arsene wil wield his axe, and get rid of the non-triers from the squad – he knows he’s in the results business, and is also a VERY bad loser. He’ll not be pleased at this type of thing. He’s just also very stubborn and wants to be proved right by this current crop. If they continue to let down the club, or rather, fail to find their feet, he’ll feel they’ve let him down and do what’s needed. Yes, it hurts, and we’re suffering the humiliation of poor results against teams who are ‘not as good as us’, but this is the wobbliest we’ve been since Arsene has been with us, and that’s not bad, seeing how we were when he took over. Chin up, and let’s stick together. If there’s no marked improvement come jan, then grumble and wonder what the by-jimminy is going on. But i do think some of these guys in the squad need a kick up the arse. While there’s still air in my lungs, I shall support the Arsenal.

    »»Arsene Knows««

  • exactly hazzagooner. All you gooners, you’re lucky enough to support a very special club, with a special manager. It’s never been easy to be a gooner, ther have always been twists and turns and stings in the tail ,but these past few years are the easiest we’ve had it for donkey’s years. Let’s not gripe at the first sign of animosity. Stick with Arsene, and stick with the Arsenal, he, and they, will come through.

    »»Arsene Knows««

  • ashburton can i ask r u a drug taker???? wenger walk away…think about wt hees dun 4 this club n i wnt him 2 wlk away after 4/5 bad games…becoz ov our player lack of heart and effort….if ian dowie dismissal was harsh wt wood tht be….jus glad ur not chairman my friend:D

  • But adding to that, we should stick the team no matter how bad we are playing at the current moment.


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