Date: 12th August 2008 at 3:10pm
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As the new season rapidly approaches, with thought it about time we spoke to our North London neighbours about the the upcoming campaign.

Oxfordspur kindly answered a few questions.

Many Spurs fans see Ramos as the saviour of Tottenham Hotspur, do you believe he’s the right man for the job and how far can he take you?

‘I would say that almost to a man Spurs fans are 100% behind Ramos and his blueprint for the club. I really don’t want to get ahead of myself in terms of future success it is all about taking one step at a time, initially we need to get back to being the best of the rest and anything else this season will be a bonus. If and when we break into the top four then will be the time to speculate further, ask me again this time next season 😉

Do you feel Ramos has bought well this summer? Or are more names needed to really challenge for European places?

Time will always be the judge, but surely we cannot fail to be excited at the likes of Modric, Dos Santos Gomes and David Bentley who I am sure your fans will watch his progress closely. So far they all look made for Spurs and are a great improvement in what had previously in the roles. The exciting thing is that these boys are versatile, intelligent footballers, we have not simply gone out and bought a right winger in Bentley, but a player who is flexible within any system and intelligent enough to be able to perform. this is a very similar policy to Wenger as I see it and one which will hopefully bring success. As for more new faces a new Centre half is essential if as I expect King remains a bit part player.

What are your hopes for the coming season?

What I hope for and what I expect are two different things. Obviously my hopes are a top four finish and a piece of silverware (the Uefa could be nice), I would however want a season where we seriously challenge the top four and finished 5th and did well in the cups. All we can do in the prem is be consistent, If we achieved 70 pts I would be absolutely delighted, where that puts us, is to some extent on in our hands.

Which would you prefer … Arsenal to win the league and/or Champions League and Spurs snatch a Champions League place or Arsenal to finish outside the top four and Spurs fail to qualify for Europe?

I am interested in how well Spurs do and if Arsenal fail that is a very nice bonus, so I would 100% take the former. As I wrote in the last question. I want Spurs to look at their own game and regardless of what you or others do shouldn’t really concern us, though If we succeed and you struggle it would obviously taste all the sweeter..

How big (or small) do you think the gap is between our two clubs?

I think on NLDs the gap is quite close, but at this time we lack the consistency and world status of you guys. What I would say is that this would all change if Spurs made the CL. The growth potential of Spurs is truly massive and we could instantly grow in stature within the world game. but to be considered on your level, we must maintain those standards over several years and not a one off. Obviously the development of White Hart Lane will also assist in this area.

If you could get any Arsenal player under the age of 20, who would it be?

I hear great things about Jack Wilshere, but obviously he is still a baby so could still go either way, many of your top kids play similar roles to some of our best prospects, such as John Bostock (Ramsey) Gio Dos Santos (Vela, Walcott), Bale (Traore) so could I cheat a little and take Fabrigas? he is 20 ish…

Who is Spurs biggest dangerman this season?

If he stays, it has to be Berbatov, but one of the things that have excited me this pre season, is that we seem to have so many options, Bentley and Bent have looked on fire as have GDS and Modric. One player who has greatly impressed me has been Jermaine Jenas, who has been superb in a more disciplined role in the middle, Hopefully Ramos giving him the vice-captaincy role will bring out the best in him.

Robbie Keane: Traitor or Legend?

Though legend is too much an honour to bestow on him, he should certainly never be judged as a traitor. I have a certain sympathy with the situation of Keane and also Berbatov, if he moves. They will never hit the heights of international football, so the opportunity to play at the highest level of club football is probably greater than say a player like Ryan Giggs. So I don’t think we should really get upset with them, at their wanting to leave as long as we get suitably rewarded.

Seeing as it’s a rarity, I’ll give you a chance to gloat ….. just how good did it feel to batter us in the Carling cup last year?

My lifetime memory of the game was seeing my 7 year old crying tears of joy as the goals were going in, he had never seen us beat you in his lifetime… This is what football is about, not one off games..

What’s the best and worst things about being a Tottenham fan?

A difficult one to answer as I have never known any different, the love and connection will always be there, regardless of what we do. The great nights are not that many, but believe me it makes the success feel all the sweeter. I stood at Wembley with tears running down my cheeks after beating Chelsea in the CC final (we are an emotional family 😉 and I was not the only one. With winning so much I feel it dilutes the elation and becomes almost expected. The worst thing is the feeling that we have such great potential and always seem to be the masters of our own downfall..

Silly question to ask, but can you give us predictions for both North London derbies this season?

You don’t expect me to give a negative prediction do you?? I will go for a spurs win 2-1 at WHL and a 1-1 draw at the Emirates

Many thanks to OxfordSpur for taking time out to answer my questions.

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