Date: 7th November 2011 at 7:32am
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It`s often said that “you don`t have to be mad to be a goal keeper, but it helps”, and in the young Polish stopper, Wojciech Szczesny, we`ve clearly got one whose more mental than a bag of badgers.

Some of the greatest keepers of our time were off their rockers, most recently the aptly named Mad Jens, and as we saught to replace him, the more subtle and laid back attitudes of Manuel Almunia and Lukas Fabianski almost made it feel as they didn`t have the edge.

Yet over the last twelve months the completely bonkers Szczesny has blossomed into probably the finest goal keeper in the Premiership at this time.

The Big Pole has even now added further to his state of insanity by suggesting he`d put a cheeky bet on Arsenal to win the title this season, pulling a “Wenger” and claiming we could go the rest of the season unbeaten.

“I’d put a tenner on it! I completely believe in this Club and if we win every single game like we have been recently then why not?!

“Obviously the mood has turned around and so has the belief. We believe that we can win every single game and if we can do that we are confident. I think it’s all about the spirit in the team now. There’s obviously been a few good results and we’ve got our confidence back.”

“I think we just need to keep going and show everyone that we can be consistent.”

“I think we still have a point to prove. We’ve picked up a bit of form and a few good results but we still have something to prove. I think you have to judge us over the course of the season. If we can keep going as we have been in the last few weeks then we will show people how good we really are. I think it will still take a few weeks to prove to people that.”

Now whether winning the title is even possible I seriously doubt, the start of the season was too horrendous and Manchester`s City and United are just to strong for us to overhaul, but that doesn`t mean Szczesny`s stance isn`t exactly what we should be thinking.

If our players get that winning mentality that we can suceed and emerge victorious in every match it will only go to strengthen that belief throughout the entire club. And we all know how fragile confidence could be. So whilst winning the title is way wide of the mark, that winning attitude is a welcome on.

Of course Szczesny saying he`d put a tenner on us to win the title doesn`t nessacarily mean he`s mental ?. Just that out players are paid waaaaaaaay too much 🙂