Date: 8th January 2007 at 3:42pm
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Arsenal’s young Irish Striker Anthony Stokes has finally left Arsenal after several weeks of speculation.

Stokes enjoyed a great vein of form during his loan spell with SPL outfit Falkirk scoring 16 goals in 18 games, including a hat-trick of hat-tricks.

Speculation had linked Stokes, 18, with Charlton, Celtic and Falkirk but Sunderland have won the race for his signature.

‘It’s brilliant to be here. It has been a hectic few days, sorting things out, and now I’m looking forward to training and playing,’ he told the club’s official website.

‘I spoke to Roy Keane about everything, he told me his hopes for the club and it helped make up my mind.

‘I’m excited about the move to Sunderland.’

We wish Stokes well with his future career.

I have just one piece of advice, don’t get on the wrong side of your new manager.


19 Replies to “Stokes Signs For Sunderland”

  • I remember Beckham Scoring a goal once and Keane Kicking him in the back in celebration…..Good luck Stokesy!

  • Stokes is quality and i will be very disappointed if we do not have first refusal on him. Out of all our strikers out on loan he is the most likely to be successful in the premiership.

  • I think Arsene wanted to pick one out of Bendtner, Lupoli and Stokes and its clear he’s going for Bendtner. But half of my family are Brummies and Blues fans, and they say Bendtner has all the talent in the world, but a big ego. Apparently he’s not chasing down defenders anymore or doing the simple things, but he’s magic on the ball. AW will have to sort that, but if Stokes isn’t good enough for Wenger I am not to question him. Anyone miss Bentley, Upson, Wright, Jeffers, Pennant, Taylor, Bothroyd, Volz, Quincy?

  • im particularly disapointed at the fact he wasnt given a chance for us but i wont put down wengers decision because i believe he knows best. . . the only time i saw stokes was at barnet in a frindly and he didnt catch my eye, seems like time changed in 6 months

  • LD ego can be mistaken for confidence or arrogance.. nothing wrong with believing in yourself.. i also think wenger plans big things for bendter, my danish friend says bendter is going to be the next michael laudrup, i hope so !

  • Maybe, but he still has to work hard and chase down defenders etc. See Henry’s goal on saturday, the best players still do the simple things.

  • Bendtner does appear to have an ego, it is more than just a confidence. But he IS young, hopefully that will die down a little in time. All the great players have a swagger about them, you can hardly say Titi is without an ego. Shame about Stokes, but hey, let’s look on the bright side – he knocked back pardew. HAHAHAHAHA!!! Up yours, ****face. »»Arsene Knows««

  • Bentdner is too cocky, Lupoli wants to go back to italy, Vela is a mexican kid who will probably miss his sunshine, Baptista is a joke and Ali probably wont make it. Stokes is the only one who is likely to have no problems settling in and there was no point in selling him now rather than in the summer. I cant understand what wenger wanted from him if 16 goals wasnt enough.

  • Baptista is a joke based on four games? If we are to judge Arsenal players coming from abroad on the same basis, Henry, Pires and Bergkamp are ****, Reyes and Helder are amazing and Cygan is world class. Your post is based entirely based on presumptions. Can you name a youngster AW has let go who has proved him wrong? (Apart from Jason Crowe of course, boy did he make us regret it). As for the 16 goals, come on, John Hartson used to get 30 a season in the SPL.

  • hmm, LD, when you put it like that… 🙂 not to belittle his acheivements though, that’s a bloody healthy return considering how many games it was acheived in… »»Arsene Knows««

  • I’d like to thank Stokes for everything he did for the club!! Now I can hear you all asking “What? he didn’t do anything for the club”, well may I offer this. Only a week after smashing Charlton and our new enemey at the Grove, Stokes pretended he wanted to sign for Charlton, and go some way to helping them stay up, and right at the last minute he igned for someone else, leaving Pardew in the lurch….now is it just me or is that funny?!?!

  • nope, Rockster, i agree – that IS funny. and seeing as we’re ”not an english club’, may i be the first to doff my cap to stokesy for leaving Pardew ‘in the merde’… »»Arsene Knows««

  • I can’t believe we sold stokes. Aliadiere is crap, lupoli wants to leave, and if stokes proves himself we could get rid of baptista and save a lot of money. I mean, wenger should have atleast tried him in the carling cup and maybe a premiership tie during january before he decided.

  • 2 Million for an unproven player at the “Top Level” is good business in my opinion. But it just goes to show why Le Boss goes shopping abroad when a player can go for that ammount without even playing a single game for his parent club! Ok he did well in Scotland but it’s not the toughest league to play in. Good deal Arsene!

  • I reckon Arsene knows a lot of these players better than we ever will. If Wenger believes selling Stokes was the best option, then that is what it was. Remember he’s trained with Stokes, Lupoli and Bendtner. I know Alliadiere is not the best but I seriously think he has talent. When he was fit (rarely) and Wenger played him in the Carling Cup he was scoring and playing well. Right now he’s just regaining match fitness and suffering frequent injuries messes up both your body and your mind. Vela is reportedly a class act. The Mexican Youth Team is considered one of the best in the World and it’s two pillars are Giovani Dos Santos of Barcelona and Carlos Vela from the Arsenal. SPL is not a crappy league but I reckon the Championship is a bigger test. Apart from the Old Firm sides and Hearts, what other team there even claims to cut it? Bendtner will be big and Arturo Lupoli is probably another one Wenger should keep but then again, apart from his finishing ability and fox in the boss qualities, what else can he claim to have that Bendtner doesn’t? Arsene knows, Anthony Stokes thanks for everything and good luck!

  • surprised that le boss has let him go without hanging on to him to see if he can realise his potential to the full….could be a real bargain for keano….

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