Date: 13th January 2007 at 7:34pm
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Arsene Wenger’s brave men fought for 78 minutes at Blackburn tonight with ten men after Gilberto was dismissed from the field.

I’m not going to write a match report as I’d hate to steal the thunder of Mr Stillman, but I need to comment on some of the incidents of this evening.

Firstly I’d just like to say that I in know way condone the actions of Gilberto Silva, infact as a senior member of the team he should know better. However, considering the fact Bert was fouled ‘from behind’, which if you’ll look in the rule book you’ll find is a sending off itself, was treated a little harshly.

The ref should have issued two yellow cards and slapped their pandy’s.

Brett Emerton was already on a yellow card when fouled by Cesc Fabregas. Emerton retaliated and threw Cesc to the ground. Considering the precedent Nob Styles set in the first half, this surely warranted a yellow at least.

Let us finish with the challenge from Tuguy. A late challenge that saw the Blackburn man rake his studs from kneecap to ankle on Cesc Fabregas, a challenge which did not receive a red card.

Even in light of all these incident, Arsenal battled through and were worthy of their 2-0 victory. In a 5:15pm kick off in the North of all things.

Arsene Wenger’s red and white army march on.


41 Replies to “Stick Your Extra Player Up Your A*se”

  • dirty ********s,and they said they would play football and not rough us up!!!! gilberto was not only kicked he had a forearm smashed into his neck twice by savage,and tugay,he knew exactly what he was doing,and rvp was through on goal when he was hacked down…

  • First of all, all of the “Arsenal are a light brigade, and can’t play up north Wenger-haters” so-called Gooners can now officially kiss my ar$e. Secondly, Savage will never be a footballer, although he genuinely protested for the sending-off of Gilberto which puts him in the category – ****. Thirdly, Tugay is a **** as well, but a more experienced one, and can actually pass the ball. And last but not least special mention to the man of the moment – Rob Styles – the worst excuse for a ref in this league. Both him and the linos were miserable.

  • Those t****rs Savage & Styles could cost us big time. Gilberto is now banned from the man utd, spurs (1st leg) & bolton (fa cup) matches, yet savage is free to carry on his thugery against others. Savage, Neill & Tugay should all have gone yet it was only arsenal who had to play 80 mins with 10 men!! That incident has ruined what was otherwise a superb performance from arsenal.

  • How ironic that styles wasn’t even supposed to be the ref for that match. Maybe a little influence from Gill & a few quid in styles pocket to take out an important player for next week!!

  • even savage was surprised to see the ref pull a red. after he saw it he told the ref that it wasn’t a sending off offence. glad he said that as I think the ref then gave us most of the 50/50 decisions for the remainder of the match.
    missing gilberto for man u will be a big problem. denilson should play but wenger will precditably go with flamini.
    great win today though. that is the win of champions.

  • great performance from the gooners once again,showed exactly what savage is,a completely useless footballer probably more detrimental to his team after the incident,never done anything after that,excellent performance from hleb on the right,great ball retention onwards and upwards

  • Gazzap, I dont believe for 1 second that w****r savage said anything like that to the ref. Why would you jump 10 feet in the air & pretend you were shot if youre not trying to get someone sent off??

  • Blackburn are officially the worst team I have seen Arsenal play against this season. After the 6-2 mauling we were suposedly arrogant but I feel we have every right to be after the way they play against us. It is a great day for football when a team like Arsenal overcome the Blacburn W*nkers. Blackburn played a disgusting anti-football game today and once again they payed for their poor technique and thugish challenges.

  • Forgot to say.. It’s pretty ironic that suposed hard man Savage shot up like little ****** from Gilberto’s kick. It was as bad as Ronaldo but not practised aswell. Savage wasn’t surprised at the red cos he invited it and didn’t manage to hide his smirk.

  • what kind of football was they suppose to play,they had an extra man and all they did was hoof the ball up to pederson and try n cross it early…rubbish

  • Like a turd that just won’t flush, Robbie Savage, a naturally talented player, that, a long, long time ago chose the path of *****dom, You’re scum Savage, a fact that people will remind you of throughout your entire existence, when you are 75 and pottering around your allotment some equally doddery old geezer will clock you, walk over and say ‘Robbie Savage you’re Scum’

  • yeh i guess Gilberto is out of the united game. it actually depends if we appeal or no. but wenger said he is unlikely to appeal, and in that case it looks like he will miss the united game..

  • The red card was soft but Gilberto kicked out at Sav no matter what he did so he had to go. And despite what a lot are saying he WAS genuinely appauled at the red card, you could see he was and did say words to the effect some are suggesting. Arsenal are not the worst by any means, not by a long shot for looking to get people sent off but you’re telling me when people like Van Persie pull a triple back flip when sometimes barely touched he’s not trying to get an opponent sent off?!?! It’s amazing just a couple of days ago we were “the best team you’d seen” then suddenly we’ve become the worst because a ref failed to show cards (red) our way but did you! I’ll not condone the challenges that went in, this type of thing only sets back our attempts to lose such a “thug” tag as we are a very good team. Arsenal deserved to win and I think that what some could have been seeing a false dawn for the Gooners has/will prove a beautiful sunshine.

  • was class but are we really gonna miss gilberto for three very important games, infact he probably wouldnt of played against the scum in the carling cup but still a huge loss.

  • Best goal Henry’s scored all year…the entire run, the changing of speeds, the interchange with Cesc, and the ridiculous finish. Speaking of Cesc, he manned the **** up today…walked off the field after getting studded, came back to play for another few minutes, mixed it up a couple times, got thrown to the ground and he just smirked while showing “2-0” with his fingers…good stuff. Hopefully the silly “Arsenal ain’t tough enough” nonsense will officially die.

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