Date: 18th December 2006 at 8:13pm
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Vital Arsenal member super_gooner asked which Arsenal youngsters will make it into the Arsenal first team in the future. That got me thinking (enjoy it, it doesn`t happen too often). Here are the results:

Lupoli and Bendtner will make it but neither looks like staying at Arsenal. Lupoli has already said that he wants to go back to Italy and Bendtner seems to have something of an attitude problem.

Merida – The new Cesc. Could even lead to Cesc being sold if he fulfills his potential.

Mumba – has huge potential. I think he will be one of the best defensive midfielders around in the future.

Denilson – Alot of people in Brazil compare him to Vieira, they say he will start as a defensive midfielder and move up the pitch to play a more creative role as he and his game matures.

Fonte – Has incredible pace and skill, many in Portugal expect great things from the youngster. He can play as a winger or a striker. If Lupoli and Bendtner stay then I think he will end up being used as a winger but as I think both are going I can see him being deployed as a striker.

Vela – Compared to a young Ronaldo, strong, quick and knows where the goal is. I would bet my house (if I owned one) on him making it.

Traore – Big, fast, solid defender with an eye for a cross and not got a bad left peg on him either. Definantly going to make Cole look ordinary in a few years.

Van Den Berg – Fast, skilful and versatile. The new Freddie? We’ll see.

Barazite – Compared by himself and Wenger to Van Persie and Bergkamp but with an eye for goal. I don’t know much else about him.

Parisio – Compared to Toure by some, it’s too early to say that he will make it at Arsenal but he has the potential to be excellent.

As Super_gooner came up with the question I think it`s only fair I publish his thoughts too.

Here they are:

Merida – ‘The new Cesc.’ We can’t let him go if that is the case
Bendtner – Wanted by the likes of AC Milan so he must be good
Lupoli – Wenger says he is a better finisher than Henry…
Muamba – ‘The new Vieira’ plus he is english
Randall – Looks great and again is english
Traore – Will be the best left back in the world soon
Connolly – Very highly rated and is also english

Plus maybe this lot: Barazite, Fonte, Garry, G.Hoyte, Stokes, O’Ceruill(sp), Van den Berg


12 Replies to “Stars In Their Eyes?”

  • Of course we wouldn’t WANT to sell Cesc but we overplay the ball now..what would we be like with two players like that in the team?

  • I don’t believe we over play. I think that is a buzz word that seems to have infected everyone’s minds (mine on ocassion) when really we’re just trying to do the right thing. If someone is in a better position than you, you pass the ball. Simple.

  • must agree what was called entertaining classy football when we were going unbeaten is called overplay when we stutter. its the same just with different results… for now.

  • I think that Cesc will eventually be sold, but not until his 8 year contract is close to running out, when he’s 25/26. I’ve seen a few interviews with him and he still has a soft spot for playing in Spain at some point in his career. Hopefully Merida will live up to his potential – I shouldn’t base my opinion on it, but there is a video of him on UTube and he’s pretty damn impressive! I’m also excited about Traore, I think he’s gonna be a class act for us and take on the new Clichy role while Gael enjoys his time as first choice left back.

  • Wow! But, if all of these great youngsters come up what happens to all the great yougsters Arsene’s touting now?

  • We’ve got Vito Mannone (currently out on loan) but I agree that a good young (24 – 25 year old) keeper would be a sensible buy. Possibly Kameni? or perhaps even Buffon? I know he’s more like 29 – 30 but he’d be a great signing if Wenger could pull it off…there’s a good few years in him yet!

  • Aww, I know it’s a discussion, but don’t talk about Cesc leaving or being sold. lol. He’s yet to even reach his peak and for the moment, loves playing for Arsenal. If a day comes that he is given captaincy, I might even be so bold to say that he could end his top flight football here. 🙂

  • Traore for me, i seen him play, the guy is the next ashley cole, except bigger LOL, he will squat cashley when he plays against him nextime 😉

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