Date: 30th March 2007 at 1:19pm
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Arsenal midfielder Tomas Rosicky and 5 of his Czech Republic team mates have been caught with 6 prostitutes in a hotel.

The stars ‘invited’ the girls back to their hotel for a party after a 2-1 defeat to Germany.

Tommy didn’t have much to say on the subject, but he did apologise for his actions: ‘We have been correctly punished. We are very sorry.’

Rosicky went on to say that he has a ‘clear conscience.’ I’m guessing that means he didn’t ‘get juggy’ with the girls.

The Czech FA decided to punish the entire squad, with each player being fined £25,000!

That’s unlikely to be Rosicky’s only punishment, his other half wont be best pleased. ‘I have read what was in the papers. All I will say is no comment,’ is all his missus had to say.

Let’s hope he can ‘shoot a load’ tomorrow when Arsenal travel to Liverpool.


46 Replies to “Star Caught with SIX Prostitutes”

  • P.S If anyone has ever been to Praha and seen the, ahem, quality, of the working girls they’ll know that this was a big score. If he did that after an Arsenal game I’d be outraged, but since it was in international week, meh.

  • Yeah, I took the last comment from the “Tim Stillman Little Book Of Witty Article Endings.’

  • You could have had this one in reserve, “well….we have been asking for Rosicky to score more this season.” Booya!

  • It wasn’t a jerzy dudek hotel was it? I’ve heard he like’s to let six in when your players are involved.

  • Yes LD, I used to work in the Czech Republic and the ladies are easily the tastiest in Europe. It wouldn’t bother me if any of the lads did that after an Arsenal match, but before the game wouldn’t unacceptable. LOL

  • Haha I like it LD! Weeman…That gives me some really, really sickening thoughts. Why weeman, why?

  • Blimey, I heard that the ‘working girls’ there are, as you say, top-notch. Bit pricey at £25k though…

  • Hahaha I was in Prague in November and you’re right about those working girls LD. I know I shouldn’t be impressed with Rosicky, but I can’t help myself!!!

  • When I read about this on the Spurs site, I looked up World Cup WAGs … his misses is a stunner .. if he gets the elbow then what a tw*t !! – what exactly is ‘getting juggy’? – I know what getting jiggy is .. is getting juggy just ‘billie fondling’?

  • Can’t see the problem here, if every one was at legal age, having fun, and the girls got paid, who cares?

  • I have the hangover horn and now can’t get the thought of 6 tasty hookers in a hotel room out of my seedy head.

  • If that’s how the Czech national team celebrates a loss, I’m proud to be part Czech!! I’d say the 25k fine is money well spent….who cares! A post match romp with a few hookers sounds like a team building excercise. What they should really be concerned about is that Petr Cech was the only one wearing protection….hehe

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