Date: 26th February 2007 at 5:38pm
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It`s a long trip back from Cardiff to London. Having digested what I had witnessed in the Millennium stadium and had time to reflect on the season up till now I came to the conclusion that the time for learning is over. Last season was the worst we experienced under Wenger, we reached the Champions league final for the 1st time but the constant away defeats and the way we were bullied made it a season to forget for me, the year we started our learning curve.

That learning curve has continued into this year but I now firmly believe our young footballers have gone through everything a footballer can go through in the season and a half since we started rebuilding. We as fans have learnt to be patient and now we need to be repaid in the form of trophies.

We learnt to come through the bullying as the game vs Bolton away in the cup showed us, we earned the right to weave our wonderful patterns so we cannot use that as an excuse for the boys anymore. We have seen them show strength in adversity by coming from behind time after time to rescue games so we know they have character. We have a squad of players as good as anything in the premiership, strength in all departments so injuries and suspensions can be covered. We have conceded the 1st goal in games so many times that the team should now know to start fast as they did in Cardiff.

They can handle intimidating atmospheres (The shoe box down the road). They play the most expansive and best football in the premiership so they know if they play well they will win games. They have shown that when they are not playing the premierships best brand of football they can win games (Watford away and Wigan at home spring to mind). They have also had the occasional kick up the backside that tells them nothing but 100% focus is good enough when you are playing for The Arsenal (Blackburn in the cup, Sheffield UTD and PSV).They have tasted the pain of defeat in 2 cup finals and wont ever want to taste it again.

Finally they have a manager that believes in them, that has been telling the world and whoever else that will listen that this team can be the best he`s had. Its time for them to repay the faith of the Manager and the fans, no more excuses its time to deliver. Champions league anyone?

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  • Oh ffs, you’ve learnt to be patient? Get out of it, go 10 years without a trophy then start complaining! It is so obvious Arsenal are in transition and have a bright future with the kids coming through, and I’m not even a Gooner. You, along with all the other teams, have no automatic right to win anything and any fan who thinks their support should be repaid in trophies, especially a fan of a club who have done exceptionally well with not the biggest of board fundings, must be mad.

  • yeah but it would be the icing on the cake to have actually won,as maureen would say,what has this team won?

  • Nothing yet, so why don’t you all panic, obviously Arsenal are on the rails, crisis, oh no, bloody hell. Look at what you have coming through, they are still learning and some of them look awesome. You are starting to sound like Man Utd fans, arrogant.

  • Its not arrogance The fear its knowing that the team is good enough and its time to take away the excuse of inexperience. No panic either I just dont want to hear that we lost because we were young etc as they have shown how good they are against the top teams in what I think is the best league in the world. We have no divine right to win anything but a club that wants to be the best must have a winning mentality from the fans through to the board, management and players. 9 times out of 10 if you give footballers an excuse to perform badly they will. I think its time for them to realise their potential.

  • As I said on another thread, the defeats in 2000 and 2001 were the making of the invincibles, I don’t see any reason why this team cannot surpass them.

  • Just 18 months ago we were all worried about the fargility of our midfield, now there’s none stronger in Europe.

  • Defeat is key in the learning process. I kind of accepted the Champions league defeat (although it hurt like hell!) and yesterday was all part of the learning curve. When we were driving back we went past Wembley and we all to a man said that if we got to the FA cup final we would be p*$$ed if we lost!

  • i have this feeling that we will meet chelsea in the FA cup final and seek revenge.. the kids have got a huge future, jose comments are just arrogant, wenger has still won more in england than him, and history shows arenal are still more successful.. when jose goes in the summer, chelsea will fall from grace and become an overpaid mid table team again.

  • im not panicking…….it would be nice to get a trophy after all that hard work,i think they deserve it for playing some beautifull football,compared to some anti-football teams,who just like to smash n grab…….

  • They need to reward themselves for their own hard work and skill this season, we dont want 11 Alan Shearers great players with no medals. I dont want losing finals to become a habit!

  • I definitely don’t think it will, iceman. In fact, I’m not even worried about it. Definitely we’re in the process of ‘delivering’, and if anyone has waited longer than the fans, it’s Wenger who’s waited 5 years for this magnificent group of youngsters to prove themselves and to the world. We definitely won’t be the Shearers and Anna Kournikovas!

  • I think like a lot of people we have great pontential but I also think we have a lot of work to do in defence. Its no good having a great passing side with flair etc and a crap defence. Senderos clearly does not cut the mustard , he is ok heading the ball unchallenged but his positional awareness at times is woeful. He very often finds himself on the wrong side of strikers (Drogbas second goal) and very often too far away to make any impact. Its no good saying he is young and will learn. How many finals do you want to lose until you realise something is wrong at the back ? You simply cannot say that if they have a big target man then we are in trouble !! If our quality is going to be of an extremely high standard and we aspire to have a team of world class individuals all the way through our side…then we surely must improve at the back. I want to see a center back sticking to Drogba like glue and not giving him an inch. I want to see a center back that can out-jump Drogba,out run Drogba and out-muscle him. Not to be the closest observer to admire Drogbas handy work as he skips past or sails through the air unchallenged to score. I use Drogba as an example of course it applies to anyone.Is such a player that hard to find ? We need a center back of that quality, a true world-class player because if we don’t my arse will keep twitching as soon as anyone sends a cross over into our penalty area !!

  • The Fear, it’s not arrogance. And we have been patient. And true gooners shall continue to be so. Yes, perhaps we have been most fortunate to have had the success that we have known in recent years, but we have given this yougn team time to grow and mature (except for the Alex Song incident at craven cottage, which still rankles me…) And agreed rocky, it is the strongest, most in depth midfield in europe. Maybe not quite the finished article yet, but by next season, it will be known as the best. »»Arsene Knows««

  • I dont like Arsenal, but if I was a Gooner I’d be chuffed to bits that your kids totally outplayed Chelseas first team. HOWEVER, you better start spending money properly because now more than ever its unlikely you’re gonna win anything major with bargains and kids.

  • I look at it this way: we played CSKA Chelski off the park with our Under-21s, doubled the Mancs with our first team… we have yet to play a single game this year (to my recollection) with our First Choice back 4 (Clichy/Gallas/Kolo/Hoye-Eboue). I have no doubt that at full strength and with all our players we can turn over the best sides in the world and win trophies. The one lesson we have still yet to learn in the last two years of growing, is how to beat the WEAKER sides, those who park the bus. We have lacked that physical muscle, the ability to score cheap goals on corners and set pieces when teams are defending behind the ball. That’s where we most need to improve. I’m not sure how it is exactly we get there, but PSV and Blackburn will be telling. Can we turn over sides content to take one or two shots in a whole game?

  • You just got to be patient show me a team in the world that has won anything with a team this young….just wait we will win something at sometime in the future you just never know when, our time will come.

  • Just a thought.. Dont know where to post this, but needed to get it of my chest.

    How come is it that video evidence can be used to punish offenses and yet the powers that be in football insist that it will disrupt the game if it is used to help the referee make better jugement?

    It all seems like double standards to me.

    Eboue is set to be punished cos the referee missed his role in the brawl initially, and yet, Drogba’s offside goal will stand even if the video replay says otherwise.

    Its time a firm decision is taken. Either there is video evidence or not. What is good for the goose is good for the gander. IF video evience can be used to punish offences missed by the ref, then sure it can also be trusted to sort out those dodgy decisions that end up ruining a top game.

    I am happy that offenders can be punished in retrospect, but I think it is time they stepped up and allowed it to be used to sort out other issues which are equally if not more important.

    A goal makes a differenc eregardless of how well a team plays so detrmining a goal should not be considered less important than punishing offenders!

    What do you guys thin?

    On topic, I am cofident of the fact that this team will deliever, they are too good not to. As LD observed, it will be nice that as 2000 and 2001 defeats led to the invincibles, those pf 2006 and 2007 may yet lead to another great landmark.. INVINCIBLES II

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