Date: 5th February 2007 at 10:30am
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Last year was the sweetest of sweet St Totteringhams days, but deep down it was too close for comfort.

For those that don’t know what I’m talking about, St Totteringhams Day is the day of the year when it is mathmatically impossible for the Tiny Totts to finish above Arsenal in the league.

Now the natural order of things seems to have been resorted, and with Spurs unable to win in their last 5 and Arsenal only having lost 1 of thier last 11, St Totteringhams day should come nice and early this season.

Arsenal are a massive 13 points in front of Spurs, and the inability of the dark side of North London to win away see’s them just as close to relegation as they are to the Champions League places. (A team on the rise my arse)

After some small (but probably wrong)calculations, should both Arsenal & Spurs win their remaining games (unlikely on Spurs part) St Totteringhams day will fall on April 9th away to Newcastle.

So with this in mind, the latest ital Arsenal poll asks…….

When will this years St Totteringhams arrive?

Happy voting Gooners.


33 Replies to “St Totteringhams Day Approaches”

  • Have a look at their vital ste. LMAO. They are saying things like ‘why don’t we go out and get Lippi, Scolari or Huudink?’ Are they the most deluded bunch of morons in the world or what?? Imagine the conversation. “Big Phil, Spurs want you” “What the basketball team” “NO Tottering Blotspurs” “Magic, I’ve been dying to leave my beautiful home in Lisbon to join a team I’ve never heard of in the a*se end of North London, that are less famous than FC Thun who have actually played in the C.L.”

  • there is a few of them that still believe that they are on the up, and we are in decline… we are struggling, and UEFA Cup for them is just around the corner. Sometimes, ignorance is bliss I guess. Lippi, Scolari and Hiddink, all waiting in line with a pen in their hand.

  • They are blinded by the bitterness that consumes them. If the concentrated on their team rather than trying to beat us, they’d be much better off. And they might be better people for it as well!

  • Hahaha good job. I was reading some of the Spurts websites last week to get the gist of what they thought about being beaten by Little Us and some of the stuff they were coming up with was fantastic ranging from David Dein poisoning Lennon (at first I thought it was a joke, but most of them actually believed it) to people berating the Emirates due to it not having 4 floodlight stands!!! I can’t help but laugh at them!!!

  • there was a feature on their site a couple of months back saying fergie nearly went there before united got him….just another name to add to the ever growing list of ‘Nearly signed’ ! maybe they could nearly sign Hiddink and Lippi in what would be an amazing partnership….nearly….

  • Has anybody else notcied the distinct lack of spuddies round here over the last few weeks. Even hatethegoons hasn’t shown up, and he’s thick enough to try and give us grief when we’ve just beaten them.

  • i said hello….. but it wont let me post, maybe why there have been no Spurs on here. either that or no-ones balls are as big as mine. lol

  • Ah, no coincidence that the only Spud to show up is the one who has a bit of commonsense, decency and a bit of a sense of humour!! Good weekend? *Snicker* 😛

  • ah… the joys of the bottom half of the table. here comes manager style excuse. In the first half when we more than matched utd, they started getting the hump and tried kicking lumps out of us. The ref rightly blew up on most occasions. then they got the hump some more, and started berating the ref at every opportunity. Low and behold the free kicks stopped coming, and seconds before half time, a total about turn – he awarded them a “dodgy” pen. hmmmmm. still – gotta get some balls and roll the sleeves up.

  • Ahhhh St Totteringhams day, my favourite time of the year! We Normally celebrate it by lighting a candle for every year Sp*rs have failed to win the league but the Fire Brigade told us we couldnt this year because the amount of candles was causing a major fire hazard. Instead we plan to pay homage to a past it sell by date Tesco’s ready to eat lasagne that we hid in the away section at shoe box lane. i hope Robbo hasnt sniffed it out and eat it.

  • Hatespur, I know they’re there to be laughed at but it just amazed me the stupid things they were trying to say about us. For christ’s sake, as if Lennon single-handedly would’ve taken on our whole team and made that much of a difference!!! When Lennon goes (and I’m guessing the end of this season) what players of any note are they gonna have in their squad??? Oh except Paul “The Pie” Robinson, of course!!!

  • I posed the question to them who was missing the most first teamers over the 2 games and the morons swore blind it was them even though I listed 11 of ours not in the starting line up for the 2nd leg. In the words of the great man Gump “Stoopid is as stoopid duuuz”.

  • I hope it’s some of the gooners taking the mickey… well, when I think better, there are some very very thick spuds out there

  • lol i wud like to know the total points total of arsenal and spurs since the epl started in 1992, my guess is we’ll easily be 300 points ahead of them, and that makes it 100 more wins than them..

  • Being the shy ,retiring type I am far too mature and sensible to partake in all this, having said that when the time comes I will enjoy a civil glass of merlot after which I will ease myself out of my smoking jacket and “run round T*ttenham with my willy hanging out, run round T*ttenham with my willy hanging out, run round T*ttenham, run round T*ttenham, run round T*ttenham with my willy hanging out”

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