Date: 29th March 2007 at 5:01pm
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Of course the article title has nothing to do with the technical footballing abilities of the respective teams and everything to do with season ticket prices.

The Sun newspaper, for all it’s faults (which is everything apart from the knorks) is waging war against the price of match tickets for the football in this country, with a ‘cut the cost’ campaign that came to light after it was revealed that Premiership clubs would pocket a small fortune after the PL sold the oversea’s tv rights for a massive mark up.

Arsenal are the latest team to freeze their ticket prices, and for the third season running too.

Keith Edelman explains, ‘We are delighted that our ticket prices will be frozen for next season,’

‘We have regular consultation with our supporters and ticket prices are always mentioned as a key concern.’

‘Therefore, we are proud that our prices have now remained constant for three seasons and have also stayed in line with those at Highbury, even though our new home is a world-class venue offering our supporters an enviable range of new facilities.’

Despite a number of clubs such as Arsenal, Bolton, Blackburn, Chelsea etc etc all freezing or lowering their ticket prices, Tottenham, a club with one of the highest ticket prices in the league have not only refused to lower their ticket prices, but actually increased the rate.

Greedy mo fo’s.


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