Date: 9th May 2006 at 6:34pm
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Tottenham Hotspur have made an unprecidented attempt to have the match between West Ham replayed after Spurs chairman Daniel Levy, wrote an ‘open letter’ to the board of the Premier League.

10 Tottenham players allegedly suffered food poisoning after eating a meal at the Marriot hotel, Spurs were then ordered to play the fixture (note I say were ordered to play the fixture and not ordered to play those players) and lost 2-1, and with Arsenal winning 4-2 at home to Wigan, Spurs lost any hope of finishing 4th.

Now it seems, Spurs are making a last ditch effort to get the game replayed with Spurs chairman, Daniel Levy accusing the Premier League of an ‘abdication of its duty’.

The Premier League quickly issued a statement saying the result stands but a meeting will take place tomorrow to disscuss the contents of the letter.

I feel Tottenham have little chance of being sucessful in their quest as, even though the events were a tad unfortunate, Martin Jol was not forced to select the players he did, hell, Danny Murphy was not effected by the ‘food poisioning’ yet still remained on the bench.


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  • Why dont you take off the arsenal cap you are wearing and start thinking in a more neutral and fair fashion. To suggest spurs were faking it is purely silly. What if next week at paris at 12noon your squad got poisoned and none of your reserves were there to replace your first teamers, would you think it’s fair? It’s not about spurs vs arsenal, it’s not about spurs finishing 4th, it’s not about getting the champs league spot from anyone or even arsenal, it’s about DOING WHAT IS RIGHT AND FAIR! That’s what REAL football is about.

  • At what point did I say they were faking it?? I said “Allegedly suffered food poisoniong” That doesnt mean they faked it, it means that, as has been stated by their own club doctor, it could have been a virus. I think using the word “allegedly” is only being FAIR to the hotel who’s reputation is at stake. And talking of fair, would a replay be fair to West Ham? would it be fair to Arsenal? would it be fair to Middlesboro?

  • Why dont they take it that we are better than theem and we deserved it.Just because you lost to westham dont mean you should have a replay.10 players were poisoned so what you still have many left.You were over exited when you beat bolton and now the gunners have come in front of you u start crying.You are just jealous that we are better than you.

  • kenyan, that rudeboy name really describes you. Like what was said, it’s not about spurs vs arsenal. It’s about doing the right thing. no jealousy, no crybabies. Just asking for justice. Rocky, I never said that a replay would be fair to west ham… but surely it’s fair to arsenal as you have beaten wigan for the full points. Well, I guess the FA’s need to be sued for all the mess they created in the first place.

  • It’s not about justice though, we have had an incredible amount of injuries this season, and Thierry Henry was out a lot of the season at the beginning from Middlesbrough away to the Champions League match to Sparta Prague which caused us to have a very young team.
    We didn’t moan when our defenders were out and carried on, that?s what reserves are for and Spurs need to learn that, they didn’t capitalise on us earlier in the season and we pushed them and rightfully overtook them, as Henry said, the table doesn’t lie and they don’t like that so they are trying to re do the match after west ham will be tired after the FA Cup final and I don?t see this appeal as just or valid and we won fair and square.
    Okay this is cruel for you as you have played magnificent football this season and do deserve Europe, but I repeat the table doesn’t lie.
    If your players were poisoned intentionally or by malcontent, then you have a case, but as it is I say the results should stand.
    You feel bad I know, but look at it this way, you are in UEFA cup and by no offence that is a good result for you and the team should be happy with that as you have more chance in that and you shouldn?t make these appeals.

  • How is it fair to us? We fulfilled our fixtures in the alloted time, even though we have suffered massive injuries this season, for almost two months we had 8 defenders out……were we allowed to replay the games? If Spurs get to replay their game they will have had over a week to prepare their players, is that fair? West Ham will have just come out of a major final, is that fair? Players who Spurs would have not had originally would be fit for the game, is that fair? You keep talking about being fair to Spurs, what about being fair to the rest of the league?

  • I sympathise with Spurs, but the result must be allowed to stand.
    After all, this whole situation has arisen because Arsenal won whilst Spurs lost.
    But what if Wigan had held on to their 2-1 lead and beaten Arsenal? Would Spurs still have moaned about losing to West Ham – Of course not!
    If this had been a game earlier in the season, whereby the outcome of the result would not have been so immediate, would Spurs have complained so bitterly? Of course not!
    Spurts – sorry, Spurs – were given the option of having the game put back 2 hours. But they refused. A strange decision, given that half their team were supposed to be rooted to umpteen toilet bowls!
    This stomach bug was also supposed to have left them ravaged to the point of leglessness, yet at no point were all 3 Spurs substitutes used.
    No, Spurs just have to accept that this result must stand and that, in the day, West Ham were the better team – I mean, what arrogance! Do Spurs genuinely believe that they only lost because of the stomach bug? Do they honestly think that if a non-bugged team had played, they would have, without question, destroyed West Ham?
    I think West Ham would beg to differ!
    As has been widely mentioned elsewhere, Arsenal have been severely hit by injuries/illness at several points during the season, yet their predicament wasn’t treated with a great deal of sympathy. And this is exactly as it should have been. Professionals have to behave in a professional manner – and just get on with it!
    Wenger didn’t bleat to the FA demanding replays. In fact, it gave our youngsters in defence a greater opportunity to show us all what they could do.
    No, the result must stand – if fairness is to be truely observed.

  • Good call nineteenninetyone, its too late to talk about playing it all again, I think the repercussions of replaying this match will be far greater than if its left as it is. However I do think that the f.a. should learn from this for the future and put a cast iron set of rules in place to prevent any confusion arising….

  • There are cast iron rules, and the FA enforced them. Teams have a contract with the FA to fulfill their fixtures at the given dates, regardless of whether you have players out for whatever reason. If spurs get a replay, should Arsenal be allowed to replay every game they lost around the turn of the year when they had 10 players out? Of course not, it would be ludicrous. Will the whining Spurs fans please shut up, because your bad losing is annoying the hell out of everyone, not just Arsenal fans.

  • One thing that gets me was Robbie keane in the team. He was a doubt anyway and they were planning to use Barnard. Keane was allegedly one of the poisoned players aswell so why would he start when they already have thought about Barnard. Was this poisoning really that serious? Danny Murphy was ovelooked despite being perfectly fit. Anyway to talk about the RIGHT thing to do is mad. What about when Eboue was on the floor, why didnt they do the right thing then or when Teddy took the pre-meditated penalty!

  • Not going to happen in a thousand years. They can pull up their socks right up to their thighs next season. For now, 4th place is a closed matter.


  • Tell you what. If the FA allow Spurs to replay their game then they should also allow Arsenal to replay the derby match with Spurs at Highbury, as both teams obviously have issues with fairplay in each game.
    That would put paid to all this moaning crap from the yids.

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