Date: 20th September 2006 at 1:20am
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In what can only be described as a beer fueled discussion on the Vital Arsenal forum, one member asked the question, ‘Do you think Spurs will get relegated?.

As funny as that would be, it’s not going to happen, but The Prof charts the reasons why Spurs are suffering and the problems they will encounter in the coming months.

I think that Spurs are discovering how hard it is to break into a top four team, as usual the Spurs arrogance last season was based on absolutely nothing, no trophies, no convincing wins against big sides and crucially no balls.

This season it is going to be even harder for them; they have Europe to deal with, higher expectations and much more games. Spurs really thought that just having one decent season qualified them as top four material and somehow on the way to surpassing Arsenal. To win anything in the Prem, you have to firstly beat Man Utd, Chelsea, Liverpool and Arsenal, I don’t see Spurs doing that anytime soon, unfortunately I don’t see them getting relegated either.

I just see this as a timely reality check, last season they had absolutely everything going for them to get fourth place, our Premiership form was bad, we were distracted by Europe, they only had to play about 5 games in comparison to our 352, yet they still bottled it, I personally don’t think they will get a better chance and I also think their final day f**k up exposed the difference between us and them – we have the mentality and capability to cross that all important line and become winners, Spurs don’t – and that’s not even my opinion, that’s a fact based on stats.

So for Spurs, relegation no, back to a mediocre mid table team with a superiority complex, a very real possibility.

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  • blimey that spud cockeril been smelling some funny substances again, he prob needs to go lay down and rest and then prob wake upto reality. Spurs will not finish in a top 10 finish, we beat united and they boo off their team against fulham… lets face it, they have always been the jealous neighbour, always looking over the fence to see what we’re upto… do i care ?: nope, i just laugh my socks off at their feeble attempts.. i mean you only have to look at Jol and think is he SHREK in disguise !

  • hey guys leave dis cockenil alone, this guy needs help, the problem is, even if we remind him of the actual stats between arsenal and spurs, he thinks we are mocking him and da scums, but u cant blame him for that, because the stats of the hisotry of spurs are so crap, that it seems like we are making fun of the beginning, i was laughing at his comments, but now i feel sorry for him..

    and just for the record, we let him go cuz it was time to give our youngsters a chance, and we idolised him for what he did for us in his time here, and what he achieved in 5 years is more than all the spurs players put together in the last 40 years lol..

  • It must be hard for the spuds fans, after all when your north london neighbours see you as such little threat that with 4 premiership games remaining (including the spuds match) & being behind on points in the league they are still prepared to send out a weakened team & even then you have to cheat to get a draw, you just know your c**p. Its got to be a hard thing to take in. Cockeril seen as you are so interested in stats here are two very important ones for you: Man utd 1 v 0 Spuds, Man utd 0 v 1 Arsenal. Now you can quote how many shots, corners or w***s you had as much as you like, but at the end of the day those above stats are the only ones that matter. Its why having played a game less we are as per usual sitting above you in the league having had our worst premiership start ever. The “Mighty Spuds” are going one way & it isn’t upwards.

  • Well no, as long as the Chelscum site writes articles that involve Arsenal (as happens frequently) I will comment. What I won’t- and don’t- do, is vandalise the Chelscum site with reference to non Arsenal matters.

  • haha harsh on them but its reality everything is true. their in europe now and its going to be much harder. their finally realising how hard it is to cope with playing so much football and trying to ahve qualities such as the big four.

  • Just face it scummers,you classless muppetts have always had chips on your shoulders cos everyone knows SPURS were the first Successful/Glamour side of England (1st Ecup,Double etc) We know you hate that soooo much ! Check our legends out GREAVES,MACKAY,GILZEN,HODDLE,GASCOIGNE,LINEKER to name but a few.
    So glad to hear about your finanical report today,don’t believe the club line,you lot are in the ***** ! Can’t wait for the day when the name ARSEnal is wiped off this planet (it’s comin) and no one will remember you! Few of us took a look at Highbury the other day,so good to see your ‘Home’ in ruins.To celeberate we all had a good ***** over it !! COYS XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  • Ashburton and the Beast, funny between my first post and now when I return there a 45 odd threads between Arsenal and Spurs fans, this is what you are refering to. Love the rivalry but none of it is real world, so I will stick by 98.5%. This is/was a well balanced and thought out article and deserved a better response than the typical Jol is up Wenger’s grannie or whatever the fashionable sledge of the day is.

  • “All sucessfull british side sides have English Backbone” I notice no one mentioned UTD success! BECHAM, NEVILLES, COLE, SHERINGHAM.. Who won UEFA`S most valuable player 2004 GERRARD! 1999 was BEKHAM. Lverpool are the most succesfull british side in history, 8 trophy`s in europe do any of you do any of you air heads think they did it without ENGLISH talent!!! DIPSTICKS!! FURTHER MORE.. ONLY SPANISH SIDES HAVE WON MORE TROPHY`S IN EUROPE THAN ENGLISH AND THAT IS ONLY BY 1 AND THAT WILL CHANGE WHEN CHELSKI OR UTD WIN IT THIS SEASON! BUT OFCOURSE YOU ARSEWIPES WOULD NOT KNOW THAT AFTER ALL YOU HAVE NOT WON ANYTHING IN EUROPE!!! My point about the different nationalities I mentioned notabily all in the arses squad have not won jack ***** internationally so do you think they are not up to the big stage. SO STOP DREAMING AND GET A REALITY CHECK ARSE ARE DOOMED!!!! COYS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Actually, in the 70s and 80s very few of Liverpool’s players were English, come to think of it, none of them were. It’s a different time now, how many of Utd’s youth products since 1996 have made the England side? As for UEFA Awards, they are utterly meaningless based only on how much a player’s ego is inflated. The fact is, English sides have begun to fare much better in Europe since the removal of the 3 foreigners rule. Prior to that, Utd could do nothing in the CL, because they could not play the likes of Schmeichel, Cantona, Kanchelskis etc together at the same time. Gerrard did not perform in the knockout stages for Liverpool, Gerrard is shown up on the international stage because i)he can’t handle big games (look at his scoring record at OT, Highbury, Stamford) and ii) he doesn’t have the humbler Alonso alongside him doing all the work. Who was the most successful side in Europe last season of the British teams? The one with the least English players in it. I beg to differ that our players have won nothing internationally, Henery and Gallas have, Gilberto has, Cesc has won a couple of youth tournaments for Spain. None of those players are English. This is just a fact and one you don’t have an answer to beyond mindless insults. I pity you and your inferior brain. Anyway, I’ll be writing an article on this matter today, feel; free to read it (without your mum’s help if possible).

  • we dont need to. your below us. you have been for tens of years. youve won nothing for just as many. Acheivements say it all. lets us banter with our rivals. not some scummy below tenth team.

  • i love the way you have to go back to the beginning of the premiership to pull out something succesful. says alot. When everyone ie broactasers, media, fans, talk of the top4. Are you in it? no your just a nobody team. ever head of G12 ? the elite of world football ? you in that ? second most sucesful team EVER in the premier league. Deal with it and try and harness your green eyed jealousy

  • actually LEEDS have been more consistent in europe than spuds have.. i think is it sad when Spuds come here with their big green eyes.. you can’t compare your foreign manager to ours, class is far superior, and frank arneson left you for a bigger london club… infact you have to say spuds in london rankings are way down the list, even fulham are higher than you in the league, and you play them this weekend ? another 3pts lost ?

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