Date: 3rd December 2006 at 9:32am
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If you spend 9 months shooting your mouth off & claiming that your team is on the up whilst a rivals is in a downward spiral, only to see your aspirations shot to pieces at the final hurdle, you’d think that you’d take heed from that hard learned lesson – You’d be wrong.

If we are truly honest with ourselves we’d have to say that Arsenal’s season is not going according to plan, yet we still occupy third spot, and after two defeats on the spin to Bolton & Fulham OUR site was duly visited by our neighbours from up the road, spouting off their usual rubbish.

Well I’d like to take this opportunity to re-visit some of the comments made by said Spurs fans, and see how close their predictions actually were.

After Vital Arsenal member luckys_10 paid the Spurs site a visit to offer a prediction for the game I8Gooners2 rather comically had this to say –

oh dear ladies great result tonight at fulham with all your stars back, i see luckys_10 that you pop up on the yid site checking out whats what maybe your 3-0 is a bit over the top im still saying spurs to win 2-0 i bet you aint so sure of your prediction are you?????LOL CCCCCCCCCCCCOOOOOOOOOOYYYYYYYYSSSSSSS

The lovely Weststandvoice reckoned his boys would tear a strip off us. –

Wait ’til Defoe/Berbatov/Keane/Lennon/Chimbonda etc etc etc get a piece of you!

After reading a Vital Arsenal article about making memories at the Grove FOLKSTONEYID rather rashly made this comment –

Not long to go until you have another great memory at that new beautiful stadium of yours. That will be the site of Aaron Lennon celebrating with the Spurs faitful after he has skinned Gallas and stuck the ball in the top hand corner of the onion bag as we win two nil. Up the Spurs!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is so much fun, let’s have one more.

On the site forum cusop paid us a visit –

You all know that its been a close match in most years.. But theres a different wind blowing and getting a draw is the most obvious option.. But me thinks you guys are ready and I think you guys think your ready to be turned over.. The 3 points will be massive for us in the long game… To you lot it will be devastating.. In real terms it will be 5 lost taking into account the fulham game.

Maybe this time they will learn their lesson. But I hope not. It ALWAYS makes that victory so much sweeter.


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  • guess we won’t hear a damn thing from the scumbags for a little while now…all those comments made about beating and battering us,did they really think they could WIN?!…take that and stuff it down your ******* throats,pathetic scums…

  • As i said after the fulham game, to all those gloating spuds predicting a totteringham victory, and that we were finished as a force, ‘keep it up lads, it’ll make our victory all the sweeter when it happens, and i hope to see you all back here at 3pm on sat afternoon…’ yet strangely none of them turned up. I was planning to post a piece after the game urging all gooners to go visit the spuds on their board, yet in stead i sytayed in the pub and got ratted. I can ony seek your forgiveness, my esteemed fellow vital arsenal members 🙂 yet how pleased i was to see this morning that puregold had the same idea, and had taken the baton and ran with it, and ran with it, and ran with it. Ably supported by some of the other vital arsenal members, gentlemen you did sterling work, and it made for magnificent reading on a sunday morning 🙂

    »»Arsene Knows««

  • they won’t paul, they never will, infact they are already talking about the return fixture to the lane, and after we beat them there too, they’ll talk about next season..

  • Wingers- If you’d care to write an article urging people to go to the Spurs site I’ll gladly front page it and get Gooners from all over the world (well newsnow anyway) over there. Write it in our forum 😉

  • that can be arranged, Rocky, dear fellow…

    *pulls cape around lower half of face and walks off down a mist filled dickensian street, laughing errily, the sound of his jewel-encrusted cane tapping on the cobblestones, as his top hat fades out of view…*

    »»Arsene Knows««

  • oh rocky, i think you’ll find the piece you requested residing in the arsenal news and media section of the forum. I couldn’t possibly stop you if you were to front page it. (nor would i want to…)

    »»Arsene Knows««

  • JEEZ!! anyone would think you won the League or something in Europe the way you are wetting yourselves. I suppose that is all you have to celebrate nowadays a dubious Graham Poll enhanced victory against an of par SPURS side. The days of challenging for the title are gone and good to see you guys are content with that as you will win SFA this season and next and next and…………………………………. How many saves did robbo make?? 1!!!!! you might beat us fairly 1 day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 1-0 Porto!! 1 -1 Portsmouth 2-0 Chelsea( kings of London) = misery!!!!!!! c u in da uefa girlys no shut up and get a grip!!!

  • It’s not our fault Robinson can’t save anything now, is it COCKeril. That has to be the lamest excuse ever, maybe if Robbo had bothered to make some saves, you might have only lost 1-0.

  • He had nothing toooooooooo save as the only chances were not created by the ARSE but Mr Poll. Penalties are lotteries and The scum were lucky they hit the JACKPOT with Mr polls balls!!!!!!!!!! lehman gets away with pushing players in the box again. what a set up. the whole thing stinks. see if you can win your next 3 games without cheating and match fixing you bent ****s!!!!!

  • We think weve won the league? Did you not see the ridiculous celebrations when you beat chelsea only thing missing was an open top bus! weve beaten you 8 times since your last victory, all luck was it? or is it just we are better than you or perhaps you have skin where your eyes should be? no heart, no fight, your legendary great support leaving 15 minutes before the end, your ground nearly catching fire! its not been a good end to the week for you lot has it!

  • Cockeril, on wednesday night, your lot had more lip that pete burns. And now you’re saying to any gooners invading your board ‘go back to your own’ et al, and you were hard done by. Face it, if you hadnt come here to crow on weds night, we wouldnt be giving you so much stick. and your mob played pathetically yesterday. Blame that rather than the ref.

    »»Arsene knows««

  • teach Robbo that he can throw the ball out sometimes…Hoof, Teach Barbie-tov that he is allowed to put some effort into a game against your local rivals, teach tom thumb that he is allowed to go past the magnificent clichy on occasions, teach keane if talked a bit less and played more he could impact games, tell zakora we would never have purchased him in a million years at £8million, teach Dawson that only Tony adams had the charisma to simply put his hand up to gain offsides, tell Defoe to leave- your killing his career, Ask king if he will ever play champions league and finally tell ur manager “THE THING” he will need more than the help of the other 3 from the fantastic 4 to rescue your club from the depths of despair.

  • It hurts more just challenging for 4th spot , another season of despair while the elite get stronger and the arse are being caught by the chasing pack! Your days of being a so called big club are over and the sooner you admit that the better for everyone. Don`t forget who invented the pretty football you aspire to play, whenger even admited that and how sorry he is now.

  • The average age of our team would suggest we are only going to get better, every pundit in world football would acknowledge that however the COCK has other ideas! seriously is ur name really Dwight (personal joke for Gooner readers!)

  • Man utd have taken 4 years to build what is now looking like a title winning team you fool! u know absolutley nothing about building such teams so dont come on here after your teams disgraceful efforts destroyed ur delusions of grandeur and try and teach us about building title challenging squads! weve been 3 years without a title and then won it during the Wenger era youve been 46 years and ur still waiting. SHUT UP!

  • cockeril, now i admire your cojones for comign back on here so soon after your team were trounced by a bunch of kids whooutfought and outplayed you, but seriously, ebven you know that you are talking tripe when you say that our days are over. They’ve not even begun yet. When this squad kicks on, and plays to the level it can, consistently, we’ll be challenging for the league, for the next 10 years, with the same team. whereas your lot will still be sitting inthe gutter, moaning about refs, bad luck, food poisoning.

    »»Arsene Knows««

  • Alan Hansen made some very telling comments on Match of the Day last night.

    On Spurs defeat he said: ‘Tottenham were the wrong side of embarrassing in the first half. They were devoid of direction, leadership quality and most importantly of all, devoid of fight and in a North London derby that is a disgrace.’

    Adding: ‘Arsenal were so far in front it was almost untrue.’

    Former Spurs striker Gary Linekar said Spurs were ‘defensively a shambles at times.’


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