Date: 15th August 2007 at 2:19pm
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I like to be objective as possible, I try to call things as I see them, being as honest as I can.

So let’s not kid ourselves, Spurs are far from done. They have had the worst possible start to their season, losing away to Sunderland and a crushing 3-1 defeat at home to Everton last night, but they have the quality to get where they want to be.

Martin Jol spent close to £50M this summer, if fee’s are to be believed, in strengthening his squad, and Kaboul in particular looks an impressive signing.

The season will be a long and hard one for our neighbours, but hard work and dedication can see them achieve their goal. The four teams will battle to the bitter end, and I’m under no delusion that Spurs can deliver the goods.

So as much as it pains me to say it, it’s more than possible that come the end of the season the Spurs fans will be singing ‘We are staying up, say we are staying up!!’


35 Replies to “Spurs Can Still Be A Force In The 4”

  • couldnt write off any team so early in the season but i must admit i am taking some pleasure from the spuds start. only reason i say that is due to the comments i read from them here during our so called “crisis”.

  • No chance in hell of us finishing in 4th. we will be ok at the back and upfront but all top teams have world class midfielders but we sadly dont, if we can sign a LW and CM before the window shuts then maybe we can and thats a very big MAYBE

  • Jacky it’s not nice to see it, but your colleague there might only be saying what a lot of people are thinking privately. Whether they want to publish it is another matter! On the matter of your midfield, your manager has chosen a poor level of players – and it leaves a gaping hole in your Top 4 argument. The way Sven, Fat Sam, and Moyes are starting, you are gonna have to get your arses in gear mate.

  • Not quite, but you have every other year. PS, it’s just suposed to be a bit of fun so don’t take it so personal.

  • Its funny because they are still sayibg they might do it! Do they not see that Jenas, Zokora, Rocha, Stalteri, Robinson, Gardner, Chimbonda, Malbranque, Tianio and Huddlestone wouldnt get in our SQUAD never mind our first11 for god sake!

  • Nice one Rocky :). Its never tiresome to laugh at the spuds. You would think its the end of the world if you went on vitalspuds. They are sharply divided on Jol, and there is article after article on him, and the season is just 2 games old.

  • prits ‘sharply divided’ is the understatement of the year! if they had forks and knives and met in person, it would be Friday the 13th Pt. 8 “Jolly Good Massacre”. They are ‘sharply divided’ over Jenas as well: is he mediocre or utter *****e. It would be swell if we could put on a fine selection of their preseason quotes that poluted this fine www.

  • I still need to speak with our friend Topspur in re the performances of Jenas and Zakora, where are ya, where are ya!

  • Kevin me old mucker, just because you haven’t spent big this season, doesn’t mean we’ve forgotten the 3 years you were buying players like Paris Hilton buys handbags. To Spuds credit, they thrashed you last year with a midfield quartet that barely cost half a Ballack.

  • Don’t get me wrong though Kev – Spuds are rubbish, and many of their fans behave like rabid dogs – like my esteemed colleagues said above, check our forums for their delightful contributions.

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