‘So relatable’: Chris Sutton lauds ‘100 per center’ after West Brom display


Chris Sutton has praised Kieran Tierney’s attitude after the Scotsman’s performance in the 4-0 win over West Brom.

The full-back opened the scoring for the Gunners, becoming the first Scottish player to score a top-flight goal for the club since Charlie Nicholas.

In his column for the Daily Mail, the former Norwich City frontman lauded the 23-year-old for his commitment.

Sutton said: “I see a captain in the making in Tierney. The 23-year-old is so relatable. He’s so unassuming. But above all, he is a ‘100 percenter’. He gives nothing less. Tierney will make the odd mistake. He’ll have his bad games. He had those for Celtic. But he’ll still be all-in.”

“I can bet even his poorest performances will be better than some of the best we’ve seen from Arsenal players this season. Mikel Arteta knows what he’s going to get having Tierney in his team every week.” (via Daily Mail)

Is Tierney a future Arsenal captain?



It says a lot that Sutton can only speak about Tierney in this way. If you look at the champions of seasons gone by, you’d say almost every player from one to 25 in the entire squad, never mind the starting XI, would give their all for the cause.

Take a look at Liverpool’s squad under Jurgen Klopp, the level of effort is nothing short of phenomenal from every member of the cause. It’s seen in the way the team play their football, high press and energy. Almost four years ago, it was noted that the German coach had improved the work-rate, and thus the commitment, of the Merseysiders, a feat which has paid off with Champions League and Premier League titles.

So what’s stopping some of the current members of Arsenal’s first-team from following the Scotland international’s example? The club are never going to reach their goals of winning a Premier League title if one of 25 players are giving everything.

A clearout is long overdue in N5 and the sooner Arteta can get players who are willing to run into brick walls for him, the better.

In other news, Stephen Warnock has been waxing lyrical about one player.

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