Date: 2nd March 2007 at 12:26pm
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I couldn’t disagree with D4NNYT more!

I moan and complain about things when they go against us 10X more than Arsene, and I think he has every right to complain because usually when he moans he’s in the right. It’s not just Wenger that moans either; Jol, Fergie, Maureen, Rafa, Hughes…just about every manager in the league moans if a decision doesn’t go their way.

Again, I would have done the same thing as Wenger in every one of those incidents. The ‘fight’ with Pardew was because he was right in Wenger’s face when he was celebrating a late winner; Wenger’s reaction was a combination of passion and frustration.

He didn’t deserve to be sent to the stands against Pompey so that’s a non-starter.

And as for calling the linesman a liar, he was also right! You show me the footage of Adebayor trying to punch Fat Frank. You can’t because there isn’t any video because it didn’t happen!

I agree, Wenger is a bad loser but that’s a good thing because it means he’s a winner. I love Wenger`s philosophy on life. He says that you should never be happy with what you’ve achieved, always strive to improve yourself and achieve more.

As for rival fans calling him a disgrace, that means nothing. If I say that Jol is thin does it make it true? No. The same fans also call us a ‘Muslim club’ and ‘a refugee camp.’ Are those things true? No.

I’m not one for blind loyalty but when you start to think your own manager is a disgrace I think you really need to start questioning your loyalty to the club!

I don’t think Wenger has a problem with authority, he has a problem with losing (which I’m delighted about, I can’t stand people who have no problem with losing).

Wenger has been the way he is for years and I wouldn’t change him for the world. How often do you see Arsenal have a brawl?


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  • Premiership fouls, yellows and fouls per yellow
    Arsenal 240 44 5.45
    Villa 362 33 10.96
    Blackburn 382 61 6.26
    Bolton 382 59 6.47
    Charlton 318 44 7.22
    Chelsea 312 43 7.25
    Everton 402 48 8.37
    Fulham 367 47 7.80
    Liverpool 327 29 11.27
    Manchester City 381 40 9.52
    Man United 307 40 7.67
    Middelesbrough 365 49 7.44
    Newcastle 346 56 6.17
    Portsmouth 366 37 9.89
    Reading 296 29 10.2
    Sheffield United 329 47 7
    Spurs 320 39 8.20
    Watford 397 36 11.02
    West Ham 382 59 6.47
    Wigan 352 52 6.76
    Everton have committed 162 more fouls than us, but only have eight more yellow cards. Someone explain that! The above table proves Wenger is right.

  • Sometimes i do wish he could just kept his thoughts to himself but in those circumstances outlined above by D4NNYT i would totally back Wenger 100%.

  • That is better. This article gets to the nub of it. The figures LD has submitted were posted by Goodplaya yesterday. Spot on too! I have them in tabulated form if anyone is interested!

  • you’ve totally mis-interpreted everything i’ve just said…… these are thoughts coming from everyone else in the land and I have to sit through it everyday…..

    surely, you’d like to have people coming up to you and pay positive remarks and comments about us, how good our football is, how our future looks exciting…… but they dont and its *****ing me off

  • I couldn’t give a flying f*** what anyone else says about our manager D4NNYT. If we were shti nobody would care to be overly critical of him. I can never remember Spurs or Chelsea fans complaining too much about Terry Neill, Don Howe, Bruce Rioch and the like. Martin Jol goes on TV every week and gives pathetic excuses about his team putting in abject displays week in week out. I prefer a sore loser personally.

  • D4NNYT, people don’t generally come up to me and tell me how good looking and intelligent and talented I am, when it is clear for all to see that I excel in all categories. Such is life, the great Michel de Montagne said, “I care not so much what I am to others as I am to myself.” The general public are broadly, stupid, uninformed and totally unable to think independently.

  • LD do you teach philosophy!?! and D4NNYT, stop listening to what everyone else says. As my Mum and Dad used to say “they’re just jealous!!!”. Every club in the country (except maybe Man USA) would kill to have AW as their manager. We all know that we play incredible football most of the time and all the other teams fans know that too. But competition, by it’s very nature, will stop the Spurts, Chel$ki fans et al from telling us that, so they need to berate us in other ways.

  • This is tabulate form of figures that was on GoodPlaya yesterday and quoted here by LD:-

    Club NamePremiership foulsYellowsFouls per yellow
    Manchester City381409.52
    Man United307407.67
    Sheffield United329477
    West Ham382596.47
  • Tho looking at the stats it is interesting to note that the 2 of the teams closest to us (B’burn and Bolton) are teams we’ve accused in the past of “Bully-boy” tactics. I’m not sure what this proves, but it bloody well proves something!!! Hahaha

  • spot on simmy, wenger has every right to put the FA to task over their employees, stupid muppets need to get their own house in order before looking at ours !

  • confuscious once said…man who goes to bed with itchy anu$ wakes up with smelly finger

  • Wengers stance is not even himself vs the FA its Arsenal vs the FA. We should all be grateful that he is so angry that the club is being disrespected, he is not on a mission to self promote and fight for himself he is standing up for the club and for that alone he deserves 100% respect from all of us.

  • Indeed Iceman, did you see the rage in his eyes when he was asked about it at the press confrence?

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