Date: 30th October 2006 at 10:56am
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Ok, not so long ago there was a problem with Arsenal players seemingly wanting to walk the ball into the net, but that isn’t the case anymore.

Yet for some reason Arsenal fans still find it necessary to scream ‘Shoooooooot’ everytime one of our boys gets within 30 yards. Please, it needs to stop, it’s ridiculous and it’s begining to have a negative affect on the players.

At Man City earlier this season, one of our players, I forget which one, was on the edge of the area with about four defenders infront of him, he was at an angle where it would have been difficult enough to score if he was by himself, yet everyone still yelled for him to have a crack and the moaned when he didn’t. What are we doing here? We are supossed to be supporting our team, not giving them hassle.

After Saturday’s game against Everton, Thierry Henry has seen fit to speak out about this for the second time this season.

‘I don’t know if the fans are frustrated. I keep on hearing them shouting ‘shoot’.

‘I don’t know what they’re trying to say or trying to do, but I think they’re getting sucked in by what some people are saying.’

‘We scored some amazing goals at Reading last week and nobody said ‘shoot’ then.’

‘Against Everton, we created the same chances, but the finishing wasn’t what you expect. That’s just the way it is.’

‘Fans are fans and like to express the way they feel. That’s the way it is, but as soon as we came back into the game 1-1, we went forward.’

The problem we face is if Arsenal fans continue to dish out this treatment then we will induce one of two things:-

1) A feeling of contempt from the players which will lead to the players trying even harder to walk the ball in.

2) The players may actually listen to us and taking advice from a bunch of booze fuelled supporters who have never played professional football in their lives will lead to ill advised shot at the wrong time and wasting possession.

Let the players get on with the business of playing football while we should concentrate on singing our team to victory rather than whinging.

Let’s get behind the team.


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  • Could not agree more, I relentlessly mock anyone that does this. On saturday a guy behind me said, before half time, “time for the long ball now Arsenal.” There was a point at WBA on tuesday when young Song was miles out, everyone screamed shoot, yet when he obliged and shot miles over everyone groaned at him, unbelievable.

  • We tend to often score goals where nearly every outfield player gets a touch so if a player is off his game,like Henry was on Saturday,our temporary lack of cohesion is highlighted more.To merely shout shoot or play the long ball is ignorant and niave as we are not likely to break up a style of play that has taken years to nurture in favour of Bolton style football.

  • I see the same problem at hockey games over here in Canada…fans yelling “shoot” when the players are trying to orchestrate a play (especially the yank fans who don’t understand any sports that have final scores less than 7). If the player heeds the crowd’s advice in many situations they waste a shot and turnover the puck. Players in all sports have it tough as they are stuck in the middle of playing their way and pleasing fans…all of which; as was said, have never played professional sports in their lives to know better. Yes, Shut Up!

  • This article has hit the nail on the head.
    We need to get behind our team and cheer them on not critise when they dont do what every other english team does “lump it” we are the exxception and I hope we keep it this way

  • i agree with the majority, do shut up. however, theres a fine line between completely shutting up and shouting for the shot, which should only be shouted at obvious and decent moments where it is a player who is one able to shoot (not fabregas or gilberto for example, but rosicky henry and van persie can) and like i say just outside the penalty area if not, in the penalty area.

  • So just who are all of these shouts coming from if not “real” Arsenal fans? You never tire of reminding us how good your support is!

  • We sold out West Brom away in a midweek Carling Cup tie, Chelsea couldn’t sell crack to Pete Doherty.

  • Oh look, it’s West1 with his pearls of wisdom. Don’t talk to us about support, Champions of Enland and you still have to advertise ticket sales on the radio for a champions leaue game in 38,000 seater stadium.

  • I could not agree more, we have a fantastic team both on the field and off. A team with back up players ready and eager to play for the first team. The sky’s the limit as to how far we will go so will the Richard Craniums P… Off and please follow clowns like Spurs or other such rubbish, we play the best football in Europe.

  • LD and Rocky, great replies. I ask again, who are these supporters who insist on going against the entreaties of Wenger and Henry? BTW I have just started rereading “Fever Pitch”, now that’s dedication! I bet Hornsby doesn’t shout shoot.

  • What sort of a ridiculous question is it? Every club has it’s section of support who either are still living in the eighties or hasn’t got a clue. To be honest, I’m getting sick and tired of replying to your wind up posts.

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