Date: 2nd March 2017 at 2:09pm
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It’s being reported that eight Premier League clubs are in talks to share a shirt sleeve sponsor from next season.

The Mirror report today that Sporting Group International have now successfully negotiated with eight clubs to sell a shared shirt sleeve sponsorship deal for the coming season.

This could be worth up to £10million for each club included and this would be the first time that sleeve sponsorship has been allowed – as the deal would see the sponsor displayed on the right sleeve of a shirt in the space that used to be reserved for Premier League title sponsor Barclays.

Adrian Wright, CEO of Sporting Group International is quoted as saying.

‘It’s the first time in EPL history the sleeve can be sold and hopefully it will be the first time that one brand has been seen on multiple shirts from potentially eight-10 clubs.’

The sleeve is said to be valued at around 20% of main shirt sponsor deals, so for Manchester United given their £47million deal with Chevrolet, it could be a cool £10million uplift in their turnover.

At least two clubs will miss out though as they are said to have clauses in their main shirt sponsorship deals that proclude other company logos on their shirt, but as yet the identity of those clubs in talks haven’t been released.

With more and more sponsorship creeping onto shirts now, especially if this one goes through, I wouldn’t recommend any fans hold their breath in terms of waiting for shirts themselves to actually be given a fair price – but what good is a fan to a club if they can’t be used as mobile advertising boards?