Date: 20th February 2007 at 1:05pm
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Philippe Senderos has warned his team mates to beware of PSV`s ability to catch teams on the break – much like Arsenal have so famously done over the last decade.

PSV boss Ronald Koeman is quite the tactician and will have identified defending counterattacks as one of Arsenal`s weaknesses. Arsenal are likely to come out all guns blazing after manager Arsene Wenger described an away goal as ‘vital`.

But?Wenger knows. The Frenchman is always one step ahead of his opponent, in fact I expect Wenger is quite the Chess player and will be a good 3 moves ahead of his opponent.

It`s clear from Swiss Tony`s comments that Wenger has Koeman`s number as he has the team studying PSV`s players and tactics.

“We have studied them and they have good players up front and in midfield,” said mountainous defender. “They play the counterattacks very well so from my point of view as a defender we need to be very aware and concentrated through the whole side. A counterattack could be fatal for us.”


39 Replies to “Senderos Warns Against PSV Threat”

  • Like to see how Arsene’s new mix of the classy ‘pass-n-move’ and our recently acquired ‘route one’ ability work out in the Champions League.

    If we can make it work as it has started to do in the PL then, Ladies & Gentlemen, we have a date with Athens in May.

  • I think Le Boss will stick with the tried and trusted 4-5-1 formation for tonights game. we will have to keep an eye on Farfan and Kone for tonights game though. Kolo will know all about Kone as they are team mates in the Ivory Coast team.

  • An early goal is so important because Koeman is a bore specialist he will be looking to nick this tie 1-0.

  • plan is apparently to move away from the 4-5-1 now, as the youngsters have a further year’s experoience behind them, so i believe.. »»Arsene Knows««

  • for goods sake i hope senderos isnt starting … as i have said so many times before and people ave told me im wrong …. senderos is the new cygan first good season and all down hill since doesnt do anything but give goals away to the oposition

  • So the old route one is now a central part of your “arsenal”? Looking forward to Drogba and Sheva showing Senderos a thing or two on Sunday!

  • Koeman has a history of doing this. He knocked out Liverpool with Benfica last year with exactly the same performance you saw tonight. Its going to be incredibly difficult to go through now.

  • Last time we played like that in the knockouts we were punished heavily by Bayern. early goal at Ashburton required………………FOR US!

  • its given us a small mountain to climb, but not impossible by any stretch, I sincerely hope we can find more ideas in the home leg though, I as always will remain positive, it could have been a whole lot worse!

  • 1-0! Doh! It’s not good and it’s not funny, but it’s not a disaster either! One things for sure, we must score first at the Emirates!

  • but we all knew that our team loves to do this, they could have won 4-0 if they were themselves and saved us some heart problems but somehow we dont show up when we play smaller teams. we must lift our game for the return and defend like dogs. we should also be fresher for the return. remember the days when we would finish off teams in the first 1/2 hr and entertain for 60 mins?

  • We lost this game not because PSV overwhelmed us, but because some of our players were not 100% in the match. Some, I think were low on confidence (TH14, Senderos), some i suspect were not completely match fit (Hleb, Gallas) and Fab seemed a bit tired, on the evidence of some of his passes to thin air. If this can be sorted out by the time they come to the Emirates for the return, we should be just fine.

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