Date: 16th July 2006 at 12:30pm
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Even though I truly believe that Ashley Cole was harshly treated by the club, it now appears that Europes finest left back has gone stark raving bonkers.

It is clear for all to see that Ashley Cole will not be a gooner very much longer, things that have been said and done by all parties have made his position untenable. He will leave.

For some ungodly reason, Cole has decided to reveal everything regarding this whole ugly saga in a book called ‘My Defence’

Cole has been doing a little bit of promotional work whilst in the close season, doing the usual serilisation crap in the red tops, trying to make everything sound as sensational as possible.

‘Arsenal hung me out to dry, using me as a scapegoat to get back at Chelsea,’ said Cole.

‘The board ‘rewarded’ me with an insult and threw years of loyalty back in my face.

‘I’ll reveal the shattering truth about who fed me to the sharks.

‘It changed my view forever on the club I regarded as family.’

Cole continued: ‘Contract negotiations broke down and as a player I felt betrayed. I was on trial within football and it was Arsenal AND Chelsea versus me.

‘I was fined for holding transfer talks with Chelsea and was synonymous with one of the biggest transfer scandals in soccer.

‘I battle to clear my name and a secret deal keeps me at Arsenal.’

It is the final part of that statement that worries me. Secret deal? And it’s keeping you at Arsenal?

For me, that is practically an admission that he wants away, but can’t. When Cole sign a single year’s extension last year I was susspicious from day one.

Why after initially reducing Cole’s offer from 60,000 per week to 53,000 per week and then the whole meeting with Chelsea malarky, would the club offer him 70,000 grand a week but with only a one year extension?

Smell’s fishy to me, always did, and now it seems I will be proved right.

Cole doesn’t want to be at Arsenal, so let him go. Maximise the profit to be made from the player and plough it straight back into the team, there’s no point in keeping a player who doesn’t want to play for the shirt anymore. Even if he is the best left back in the world.


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  • Best leftback in the ‘world’? I wouldn’t go that far.

    He is not a Gunner anymore anyway – he has lost the support of the fans. I certainly don’t want him at the club as I suspect most Arsenal fans are feeling.

    He was disloyal by going behind our backs meeting Chelsea – we don’t want that sort at the club. And what did he expect from Arsenal by doing what he did???

    Cash him in, we have plenty of depth in defence. He won’t enjoy life at Chelsea if the reports are anything to go by.

    Bye bye Ashely, hope it’s not a bog mistake for you!!!

  • Just because Cole has made some very questionable choices over the past 12 months, it shouldn’t bring into question his abilities. I, like most Gooners am a bit *****ed off with him at the moment, and if I’m honest we should cash in on him, but he IS the best left back in the world. Out of interest, who do you think is better?

  • The only person I’d say who could challenge Ash for the best left back title is Clichy himself.

    From what I remember of the scandal back at the time, one board member scuppered things on wages which meant Dean had to go back on a promise of doubling wages. That didn’t mean Cole had to run off to Chelsea but it’s not good practice or the usual AFC candour to act that way too.

    Perhaps the secret deal to keep him invloves Real Madrid…..

  • I can’t stand this situation as I think Cole is the best LB and am proud he plays for us. I jus hope he stays i know everyone is p***d off but he is vital for us now. But then again we have always replaced quality players e.g. Anelka, Overmars, Petit, Vieira without any problems. As AW says Cole needs to look at wat Arsenal has done 4 him. At the end of the day he only did wat he did coz Edu was on roughly the same wage as him but he was sitting on the bench. But he shouldn’t of went behind our backs but lets jus hope common sense prevails and everyone involved can make up and be friends. Coz in reality Ashley still loves Arsenal, its his club he grew up with and he loves his teammates. Its like Beckham, he left 4 Real but deep down he still loves Manchester Utd. Please Ashley if ur reading this stop this madness and same applies to Mr. Dein. Lets jus all be friends…

  • ***** him off! If he doesn’t want to play for Arsenal, then sell him, as simple as that. If we get Baptista in a swap deal, then great. I know this is a big hypothetical, but, imagine the team line up if we then had Baptista, Saviola, Appiah, Davies and Buffon signed up before the start of the season. THAT WOULD BE ONE QUALITY SIDE!!!!

  • ash pretends like he did nothing wrong and an example should have been made of him a long time ago. much as i love the guy and i think he is the best left back in the world he betrayed the club by speaking to chelski behind our backs and thats unforgivable. sell him off, clichy will cover for his loss and he will soon be forgotten.

  • I am not really happy with cole of how he is speaking about us and yet you will see him stay

  • hey does anyone reckon If Ashley Cole hadnt gone talking to Chelsea in the first place this whole sorry situation could have been avoided? he can have no real complaints about the way he has been treated, afterall he was our player at the time he decided to turn his back on his “Beloved Arsenal”

  • GunnerPete says….As a gunner for 57 years, I can honestly say that I never thought we would reach this point where players could slag off the very club that made them what they are. In recent years we have the scheming, money grabbing Anelka Brothers, who thought nothing of tapping up any club to arrange yet another transfer, but they failed to notice that after AFC, every other club is a downward spiral…especially Chelsea.

    Sadly I cant see us buying more that one more player this year because of the well known spending restraints put on us via the city.

    If that is the case then we have to forget Buffon & Ribbery, and buy what we defenitely need NOW, and that is a world class centre half. I would go for Gallas, but because AFC do not tap up players, we we stand no chance. Baptista, well he is very overrated, I would go for Guti in a swap deal for Cole, and try for Casillas too.

    In the meantime, with some of the Cold money its essential we get a few brits in the team we have just lost the only two we had of experience… Davies, yes, & I would try for Kirkland, who will be Englands no 1 if he avoids injury. As a final wish I would also go for Richards of Man City, and offer Hoyte in P/E. BUt dont hold your breath lads because Arsene knows best.

  • i dnt wnt a playa @ d club no mata how good dat slags off his own football club! the club dat hes supported since he was a young lad! didnt he see dats kids face when he gavew him those boots @ d last eva game @ highbury! he has lost our respect and he is nt getin it bk! weve gt plenty of cover, and sellin cole will b a good investment for d future!

  • From what he had said and done the can go for all i care i uesd to be a fan of ashley and being a left winger myself took playing styles from him, but what he has said is unforgivable, let him go to real madrid or wherever the money grapping ****** wants to go, we have the money for him any day. He has lost the respect of me and lso most arsenal fans, but saying that he is the best LB in the world at the moment and as much as i dislike him now deep down i dont want him to go

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