Date: 13th August 2007 at 2:11pm
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Fulham manager Lawrie Sanchez reckons that had referee Phil Dowd issued yellow cards for diving the the Gunners wouldn’t have gone down in the box so readily.

When I read his comments I had to ask the question: ‘What the f*** are you talking about?’

Ok, first of all lets have a look at Lawrie’s comments.

‘I was at the same meeting with Arsene Wenger and Keith Hackett, and they did say that simulation was going to be a big no-no this year.’

‘If Phil (Dowd) had booked someone with it, people wouldn’t have been as ready to go down in the box.’

‘There were at least three claims in the first half for penalties. If they weren’t penalties, then they were simulation. It’s either one or the other.’

I can understand the Fulham gaffers frustrations at coming away with nothing after it looked some promising for so long, but looking for others to blame just ain’t the way to go. Just accept it and move on.

Aside from the fact that van Pizzle’s penalty and the Alex Hleb shout in the first half were nailed on, stonewall, definite, certain penalties, Lawries’ claims that if it’s not a penalty it’s simulation is just plain wrong, it’s not always black and white.

Let me give you an example.

In the first half of yesterday’s game Sanchez spent at least 10 minutes screaming at the referee after Fulham had a penalty shout turned away. After viewing the replay it was clear that the player (I forget who) had tripped over his own foot. Did Fulham appeal? You bet your arse. Was it a penalty? nope. So by Sanchez’ logic the ref should have booked his player. But that clearly isn’t the case is it.

I would expect a former professional and FA Cup winner to know the score.


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  • How about a player who trips or just plainly loses their footing?? Should they be booked for it? Sanchez is just bitter about deservedly losing a game in which his team time wasted from the 2nd minute onwards. Now im sure Wenger was at the same meeting as Laurie when keith hackett said time wasting wouldn’t be acceptable either?

  • Exactly LG. It’s just a cheap pop because we’ve been tagged as divers in the past. I saw absolutely no diving yesterday, not even from Eboue. And I hate diving and always stand up against it.

  • I saw that to gunner1981 and the stupidest thing is in the articles most of them say Sanchez was wrong but clearly that wouldnt sell a paper now would it? ****in’ uppity muppets!

  • Surely an apperance before the FA is due? He has basically called us cheats which is disgraceful. How much do you wanna bet the next stonewall penalty incident we get is turned down?

  • When Hleb went down yesterday I said to my dad that the referee either has to give a penalty there or book Hleb because the defender clearly didn’t touch the ball. My view was later backed up when i saw it again, blatant penalty. I think the other incident he complained about was when RVP was brought down by the keeper, which if it hadn’t been offside it would have been another blatant penalty. Sour grapes.

  • Lawrie Sanchez, take a hike! If this guy is gonna start the season with excuses, lets hope he finishes it the same way – justifying how they got relegated. Idiot.

  • Yep, I hope you are right Iceman. There’s nothing worse than being accused of something you are innocent of… earlier this year, Arsene says a linesman ‘lied’ and we were fined. Sanchez blatantly calls us divers, noboby takes him up on it yet. F*ck the FA and their hypocrisy.

  • A bad case of sour grapes for Sanchez. He seemed muddled when making those points, and I dont think he knew what he was saying. Still no excuse for his insinuation, that too without even watching a replay to confirm events.

  • he also did a mourinho by spending ten minutes bitching at the fourth official about his own player tripping over his feet. I see an England call up coming for Simon Davies!

  • the difference between class and no class – wenger says ‘i will have to watch the video but it looked to me as if….’ wenger is a man with class, sanchez is losing his job in January

  • The whole irony is that the only dive of the whole match was from a Fulham player. The times write up is pretty ruthless in its dismissal of Sanchez’s claim. Unfortunately, the likes of Coward Webb and Graham Poll have shown they are stupid enough to be taken in by this press sledging. The Hleb appeal was a carbon copy of the one he was denied v West Ham last year. I was behind the incident, but felt the same as hatepur did, that if the guy had won the tackle, the ball would have gone out for a corner.

  • There is a third alternative to Sanchez’ view that it was either a penalty or a dive which is that the player simply fell over. Occasionally this is correct but most often it is the most convenient view when a referee doesn’t have the bottle to give a penalty – assuming he wasn’t just ‘looking at the upper body’

  • The fouth alternative would be that someone won the ball then took the man which does happen quite a bit.

  • Sanchez lost the plot after the match.. lost the game itself and the simple scapegoat was the referee.. but the referee was pathetic.. I dun hav much idea of why Phil Dowd is a PL ref. He shud hav given us a pen. in the 1st half.. his position was spot on and the ball din seem to move an inch..

  • So…. I asked this earlier but was completely ignored….. Anyone know what channel the Prague game is being shown on???

  • The away leg against Prague is being shown on Setanta Sports One. If you check the fixtures on it will give you channels for each of our matches.

  • Thanks Amos, for some reason isn’t working properly on my work pc. Damn that Setanta!!! I refuse to pay another subscription! I’m already paying Sky over £60 a month!!! Off to the pub it is then haha!

  • hlebs appeal should have been given, no dought ref made right decicion with kolo’s and davis wasnt touched at all.

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