Date: 8th July 2014 at 12:44pm
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Welcome to a special edition of “Rumours” in which we examine whether one certain rumour could become fact.

Here at Vital Arsenal we tend not to publish articles on hearsay & transfer rumours unless it`s done in a big fat thread to contain these wild myths and we do so making the reader fully aware that 99% of the rumours published in there are complete and utter pump that have less chance of coming to pass than Arjen Robben staying on his feet after a defender broke wind near him, however there appears to be one particular rumour that is gathering pace.

Of course we`ve all seen these before, Higuain, Baptista, Mata, the list goes on, which is why we`re still giving it the usual “Rumours” treatment, though there are so many articles on the subject we`ve elected to give him his own thread.

We are of course talking about the very exciting prospect of Arsene Wenger spending large amounts of money on bringing Alexis Sanchez to North London.

There are all kinds of internet smoke that suggest that somewhere there just might be the beginnings of a raging fire, so lets begin with an article a little closer to the source.

Spanish media outlet Marca claim that Sanchez prefers Arsenal above all other interested clubs, but also hint at Barcelona wanting a little extra cash. When you consider the two Spanish giants often use Marca as their mouthpiece it`s not that much of a stretch to believe that the two clubs are still trying to agree a fee & Barca quite fancy a few extra quid to fund the Luis Suarez transfer.

Speaking of Suarez, the increased possibility of his transfer to Barcelona has prompted some shops in and around the Nou Camp area to start selling Suarez shirts featuring the #9 on the back. The Daily Canon has posted a picture of these shirts. Of course Sanchez wore the number 9 shirt adding fuel to the fire that his departure will be imminent.

Meanwhile representatives from Liverpool say the Scousers having given up on getting Sanchez in a part-ex deal after the agents were led to believe that the forward`s family would prefer to live in London rather than Merseyside. I`d say that`s reasonable.

Finally, the Daily Star claim that Italy`s Old Lady, Juventus have pulled out of the Sanchez race leaving Arsenal as the clear winners and as such, the player is hot footing it to London to hammer out the finer points of his contract with last season`s FA Cup Winners.

If that isn`t enough to get you excited then ?? well ?.. you`re probably a lot more sensible than I am.

Till next time!

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