Date: 5th September 2006 at 11:31am
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Brazillian show pony Ronaldinho says that Julio Baptista has everything it takes to excel in the Premiership.

Ronaldinho has played with and against Baptista in international and domestic football respectively, and he feels the Brazillian powerhouse has all the credentials it takes to become a top premiership star.

‘I have known him a long time and he is a great player,’ said Ronaldinho.

‘It will be easy for him to settle because his game is totally suited to the Premiership.

‘I don’t see why he can’t become one of the stars of the season.’

However, why we should listen to the opinions of Mr Ed is beyond me. I’m sure the Beast will prove his worth in his own time.


15 Replies to “Ronaldinho: Beast Will Be The Beauty”

  • a tad, but then he did diddly squat in the CL final against us, and didnt exactly set the WC on fire either…

    »»Arsene Knows««

  • robinho is unsettled at real madrid. maybe he could be a gooner by january. hopefully we can grab him on loan and then sign him on a permanent basis.

  • It will be interesting to see how ‘The Beast’ does. He is certainly a powerful player (just look at the size of the bugger!)- which we have been lacking lately.

    My only concern is that I seem to remember, although I may be mistaken, just after we failed to sign him at the beginning of last season; during his first game for Madrid, didn’t he stamp on someone’s leg, or at least make a very nasty, very deliberate challenge?

  • spuds fans must be very *****ed off that they didnt land the beast. i back him to become a star at arsenal without a doubt. good luck

  • Spurs fans must have known that if The beast was to come to London, given Arsenal’s previous interest, Ashburton Grove would be his natural destination. They are not that dumb. Give them some credit. Not a lot, jsut some.

  • always said we needed a strong attacking midfielder, he knows where the goal is, like Essien in build he will frighten alot of people with his strength and power. I am looking forward to this saturday and seeing him play and Boro.

  • As far as Arsenal are concerned I believe Wenger is now facing his biggest challenge as a manager since taking the job. A lot of players have left and, thanks to a stadium loan deal in which they signed away their gate receipts for the next several years, they are going to have a major problem raising transfer revenue. We have seen evidence of this already in the fact that Baptista can’t be signed to a long term deal unless Reyes is bought by Madrid first and Gallas only being signed on the back of Cole’s defection.

    Therefore Wenger is going to have to depend on finding young talent and by bringing his existing youngsters up to speed quicker, evidenced by the amount of loan outs he has put in place. I know Wenger has been successful in spotting young talent in the past but it’s interesting to note that Commoli, the man who discovered a lot of that talent for Wenger now works for Spurs, who are now signing the type of player from the French League who would have been going Arsenal’s way,
    Zokora being an excellent example.

    Replacing a successful team is a difficult job, George Graham couldn’t do it and Alex Ferguson is trying manfully at United so it’s going to be interesting watching Wenger try, at least he still has Henry, God knows what would have happened if he had left. So Arsenal fans may have had a good run but for how much longer, will we soon be seeing a half full Emirates or should that be half empty,anyway here’s hoping.

  • copied that off the tottenham forum. seen as they have nothing more to discuss apart from arsenal the team they wish they were !

  • For me, the Beast is a massive addition. While he may not be able to provide the width we seem to have been lacking, he certainly will be able to shoot from distance and add some steel to the midfield. once diaby is fit again, the arse will finally start scaring their opposition in the middle of the park again like all the other great Arsenal teams have done in the past

  • “Show Pony” is a little harsh! I was at Emirates on Sunday for the Brzil/Argie game and I would have loved to see Ronnie on the pitch. What a roar “Le Beast” got though! Brilliant to see him play his first game, full of running and was helping Gilberto to boss the midfiled, getting his foot stuck in before supporting the ******* genius that is Kaka on his runs up the pitch. Tended to stick towards the right middle of the pitch so not entirely sure how it’s going to work with him, Freddie, Hleb, Fabregas and Rosisky… but hey, Arsene knows! As for Cockeril, don’t plagiarize other people’s work. You’ve just copied and pasted that from the Sp*rs forum – it was a good post and an interesting discussion thread to follow it up. Get your own thoughts mate….

  • considering that brazil always produce the best players i think if they judge then they must be right, and we have two of their internationals now, how many of the top countries in the world have spurs got ? hmmmmm…. i count NONE

  • All the Best Baptista .I hope you help Arsenal win EPL,Champions Legue,F.A cup,Carling cup …………………………………………..if i have missed any other cup also

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