Date: 25th October 2006 at 7:45pm
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Wenger last night confirmed what I already knew – that he was trying to educate Walcott in the same fashion he did with Henry. That means bringing him through on the wing then switching him to a centeral striking role where he can destroy teams.

I’m now going to predict that Wenger is going to bulid a team not too dissimilar to the one that went an amazing 49 games unbeaten.

I’ll start with the defence. Eboue has a similar ‘no- nonsense’ defending style to Lauren while also boasting incredible attacking instincts. Then there is Toure, he is one of the best defenders in the world at only 25. He has a similar style of play to Sol Campbell in his younger days the main difference being that Toure has the ability to come out of defence and play. Up next is Philippe ‘big Phil’ Senderos, people have said since the day he made his debut that the way he plays bears a resemblance to Arsenal legend Tony Adams. Then there is Gael Clichy, a player who has the potential to be better than the shamed Ashley Cole.

As we move into the midfiled we see the team is being devolped slightly differently, but I’m sure it will be more effective. Out on the right we Have Alex Hleb, a skillful, hard working, attack minded midfileder who can play anywhere accross the middle but has shown us that he is most effecive on the right. He has a different style of play to his predecessor – Freddie Ljungberg but is just as effective. Ljungberg became famed for his late runs into the box for the likes of Henry and Bergkamp to set up for a tap in.
On the left we see Tomas Rosicky- a very similar player to Pires except he has more pace and is tough in the tackle. He likes to get foward in support of the strikers and isn’t afraid to hit the ball from range.

The centre of midfield is where it gets really interesting. I’m going to start with Cesc. We all know he is going to be one of, if not the best midfielder in the world. The invincibles lacked a player like him. He has everything, he can pass, shoot, run with the ball, tackle, you name it, he’s got it. Last year he was bullied off the ball and Arsenal suffered. This season he is not and that is reflected in our performances and our results. The second centre midfiled spot is going to be tough. There are 4 players gearing up to battle it out for that spot – Diaby, Denilson, Muamba and Merida. Diaby and Muamba have already drawn comparisons to Vieira and rightly so. Both display most of the traits that Big Pat did.

At the moment my tip is Denilson. He looks to be following Vieira’s path. He has great technical ability as well as an outstanding tackling ability. He will start his career playing in a deep position but will move further up the park as he matures.

Up front young Theo Walcott is the obvious man to replace Thierry Henry with Van Persie, Bendtner and Lupoli to battle it out to be his partner.

So, as you can see from that alone we have a team that could and should supass the achievments of the legendary invincibles. Weather that be in 2, 4 or 6 years I dont know. What I do know is that in a few years time we will be able to field on of the greatest teams to grace football.

Could this be the Arsenal team to do it..?

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  • good comparisons. That’s also withoutthe others like djourou, gilbert, armand traore. I think Merida developing more along the lines of somewhere between rosicky and cesc, don’t see him as a defensive midfielder one jot, though that’s not to say he cannit get stuck in. The more you see o the first team squad, the more you see an incredibly broad base of skills shared amongst all the players. This could well be the most complete footballing squad ever assembled in english football (i do not say further than that, though the thought may well be in my mind…) all the players wenger is bringing through seem to have marvellous technique, touch and composure, they are all footballers. It is interesting to see the way wenger has evolved his philosophy, which used to appar to be one of obtainign players that were supreme athletes first and foremost, then developing their footballing skills to devastating effect. The new group are smaller, but still appear to have a tough spirit, resilient.

    »»Arsene Knows««

  • u seem to be skipping over the kids wenger is bringing thru like traoré (why i think we didnt bring in an out and out lb this summer), parisio, vela, merida, barazite etc…

  • Merida is not a defensive midfielder…if he lives up to his potential, he’ll be either a Rosicky-type player, or support for Cesc.

  • Methinks you will be needing a new keeper! What you forget is that the competition at the top is even tougher now, look at the winning points totals the last 2 years and compare them to your winning days.

  • i completely agree with everything said, and i cannot wait to be a viewer of the arsenal genius/brilliance/incredible style again and hope for european only piont is that cesc cnnot shoot. i wish he could, but with the likes of rosicky merida coming through, i dont think it will be much of a problem!
    good article and lets hope its true!!

  • the points total we had and what they are right now in the last two years are not very big, we won the league with 87 and 90 points, and chelsea did it in 95 and 91, the bar has been raised a bit, but i think a total between 85 and 90 will be enough to win the title this season..

  • I don’t like the comparisons.
    The Invincibles came and went. Lot’s of nice memories, a record or two, and some of the best football you ever got to watch. But that is an era gone by.
    The present team is looking like it could scale the heights scaled by the Invincibles. But the Invincibles are not the template by which we will build our teams. We will look to emulate them, but we won’t look to photocopy them. There doesn’t have to be another Lauren, Cole, Pires, Campbell, Vieira, Henry, and so on for the current Arsenal side to scale the levesl reached by the invincibles. Rosicky may have been a replacement for Pires, but he sure as hell is not a Pires clone. Clichy (or Traore in a bit) is not a Cole clone. Or SEnderos for Adams. And Eboue is not like Lauren. Everybody is different, and I feel everyone plays their own game.

  • WestL, we may need a goalkeeper for maybe next season, but this season we are just fine. So far (although it’s just 8 games) we have the joint best defense.
    I think you can have three teams with, say, 80+ points, with number four coming in at say 60-70, with the rest way down.

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