Report: Changes will be made to system that is ‘killing football’ after mass inconsistencies


Premier League teams have been told that plans are being put in place to ‘change and improve’ the VAR system ahead of next season, according to The Mirror.

Clubs were told at Thursday’s shareholder’s meeting that the changes have been passed on to the officials who will study them over the summer.

The system is in its second season in the top-tier of English football, however, has come under increasing scrutiny this season due to a series of controversial decisions.

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Controversial decisions are a part and parcel of any professional sport.

You can’t always expect the officials to get every decision right, however, the circumstances surrounding some of the decisions going against the Gunners this season are nothing short of laughable especially with the technology available.

More than two hands are needed to count just how many times Mikel Arteta’s men have been screwed over in a season where VAR has largely failed to carry out its purpose.

Leicester City (home), Liverpool, Manchester City (away), Leeds United (away), Manchester United (home), Wolves (away), Aston Villa (away), and the list goes on and on.

However, out of the many decisions to go against the north London giants, it’s the one at home to the Foxes which stands out more than most. Granit Xhaka was adjudged to have been in the eye line of Kasper Schmeichel following a great goal by Alexandre Lacazette. Replays showed the Switzerland international was nowhere near the Danish ‘keeper, who had a clear view of the ball prior to the corner being taken.

The shocking nature of some of the decisions are what really sets the English referees from many across Europe. Britain had no representatives at the 2018 World Cup in what really was a premonition of just how bad the officiating is in this country.

When a clear, cut goal is ruled out by a system that is supposed to help teams then there needs to be serious questions asked. VAR, which has been accussed of ‘killing football, is being run by officials who have proven they are not good enough to referee at the highest level, but, Thursday’s meeting offers encouragement after a campaign of struggle.

In other news, an international manager has offered good news over the fitness of one star.

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