Date: 2nd March 2007 at 12:38am
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Let me offer a perspective here: of course, everyone will agree, it is not only Arsenal.

Yes, we’ve been in the midst of things the last few games, but there has been other teams in the league who have been damaged/punished as well. This ‘marginal human error’ thing (for the refs and linos that is), was invented and is mainly utilized to protect the big clubs. Occasionally, the odd club from the ‘big ones’ gets a couple of decision against them (that is where the ‘pick on the foreign cheaters from Arsenal’ comes into play), just so the ref can have an alibi for the next 20 decisions he takes against the small clubs.

In the past EPL seasons, and my memory vaguely takes me back to the cases of Barnsley, through Bradford, Wolves, Crystal Palace etc. have all been victims of the big ones getting protection from the refs, dodgy decisions, ‘dubious’ penalties, the odd marginal offside… that led to a goal. That is why I sometimes understand the desire of these teams and their management to turn a game into a scrappy affair, to prevent the ‘big side’ from playing football, kick, pinch, spit, provoke the opposition because that might be the only way to get something out of it. Unfortunately.

The 2nd argument is a simple one that I never could understand. Why in the world is video evidence used to punish players/managers EXCLUSIVELY? Why not refs? Why not use the video technology when a spud hits the ball from 40 yards behind the goal line of one Roy Caroll or when Emerton clearly clatters and pulls Fred Ljungberg in the penalty box?

Let me address the ridiculous stalling of the game excuse by offering an example that is the NHL, the American hockey league, which is probably THE MOST dynamic sport in the world, and where video technology is used to benefit the game: goals, expulsions, suspicious situations and the flow of the game is never under question.

Video technology should not be a question of yes or no; it should be a question of when and to what extent.

The 2nd measure that would lift the mask off of pretenders such as Mourinho, Chelsea, the Mancs etc is the introduction of the SALARY CAP. Only with a salary cap would football reveal its honest quality side: who is a good manager, who is a big-time player, and who deserves to get paid serious money. I think that Cashley`s, Carrick`s and Jose`s of this world would show their true ‘quality’ and value. And last but not least, none of these measures would help the Sp*rs. They would be miserable as usual.

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  • Totally agree G4….i like the 60% idea Plantini had its not really a salary cap but it stops clubs from spending beyond their revenue means.

  • Honestly, I believe taht salary caps would give a chance to the ‘smaller’ clubs to actually compete and have a chance against the big boys. It would drive away Magunossons, the Abramoviches the Yanks from turning this wonderful sport into business (as it is happening now). It would hinder the ’20 mil for Carrick’ transfers, Real Madrid’s ‘galacticos’ policy, Fat Frank and Ballack getting the salaries they clearly not deserve, Inter and AC Milan’s policy of buy ‘anyone who scored against us’. It would balance out the powers between clubs, potentially reduce ticket prices (as clubs would have significantly smaller wage bills), encourage and perhaps FORCE some clubs to actually start using their academies for producing players. If implemented properly it could make some players play the beautiful game for the love of it and not for the money – as they would not be getting it. There are probably bad sides to it, but as a fan of the beautiful game (proudly represented by the Arsenal FC) I am all for it. Cheers

  • and simmo – it’s G4L 😉 (why Poll on the article – you could have at least stuck Roman up there:))

  • The time has come for legal eagles to move in. A group of clowns can no longer be allowed to ruin the game. Three Arsenal players out for three maybe more games one Chelsea player. They said they relied on video evidence what about video evidence that showed Ces being hit by two Chelsea players. Aggressive reaction by the Lampard and others yet only one repeat one Chelsea player banned. If this keeps up we are going to lose the Boss I can see it on the cards, and I would not blame him. There is independent video evidence available make these clowns go to court make them prove their reasons and then confront them. This is crap; I am willing to bet London to a brick that Arsenal will be pounced on no matter what happens between now and the end of the season. It?s not right its not fair, the club will lose again and again. I’m pis5ed of well and truly.

  • Perfect example of how it works in the NHL…(American Hockey League!?! Us Canadians are offended G4L! ha)
    The NHL is now closing in on the playoffs, and my team is fighting for a spot (top eight in each division make it, the rest have an early golf season). Last night we scored a late goal that would have seen us come back to tie a crucial game – the ref called it a goal, however there was discussion by the refs and opposing bench that someone saw something in the crease. The play went “upstairs” as they say – to the video replay judge, and within about 2 minutes or less the judges and viewers at home saw that our player indeed did have his stick on the goaltender obstructing him from making a play on the puck. The goal was disallowed, and my team lost…plummeting further from a chance at the playoffs. If there was no video replay, this goal would have counted and we likely would have won…now the opposing team would have then felt as I feel now about the past two Arsenal matches…Drogba’s offside goal, the two missed penalties, etc. We the fans get to watch the officials make horrid calls in slow motion from home, but the calls stick and we have to live with it. Title chances are ruined and cups are lost because officials are human and make mistakes. What’s wrong with technology watching over them a bit and making sure the right decisions are made? Chelsea and Blackburn would disagree because they know this process would have drastically changed the outcome of the past two matches I assure you.

  • Hey Sux2bu, which game are u talking about?
    BTW, i don’t think they will make a salary cap since the big teams make money. If they weren’t making money, they would probably ask for a salary cap, like in the NHL, the national hockey league (not american)

  • good article G4L, but can i just point out, that little puck in NHL is small and moves very fast, even the best trained eye can lose it and that why they need so much video, cos sometimes you just don’t know. as for salary caps, could be a good idea, might actually stop the players being greedy and start playing for a club cos they want to and not becuase they pay more. BUT, this would need to be a FIFA thing, no good just in the EPL, you would need it to be a world law in the game, otherwise everyone just biggers off the to league which plays the most.

  • good done G4L, i agree with you on the 1st one. the argument that it will slow down the game doesnt convince me, atleast try it on an experimental basis before pronouncing judgment. it HAS to be a question of when and to what extent !! we should start off nice and slow, with only line calls being decided and if that works, consider moving it to penalty decisions, and then who knows. cricket started off with using it only for run outs/stumpings. now its used to decide catches, dubious boundary calls etc. and more correct decisions have been made. but when will the uefa/fa wake up to this?

  • On the salary caps G4L, i dont agree with it. its a free market and the market has to decide a players wages. though its not reflective of a players actual worth. plus its been proven atleast with chelsea and real madrid that having the most expensive players doesnt necessarily guarantee results !! The true quality and value of the cashleys and jose’s will be revealed in time anyway, so I dont agree with that argument. its only a matter of time before this settles down, though tht time I’m talking about could be as long as 5-8 years. The people who matter in football (clubs, managers) will see for themselves a players worth, an there will come a time when clubs will refuse to pay 20M for a carrick. ‘small’ clubs like reading this season and wigan last season have shown us that they can compete without any big wage players, its a matter of time before such clubs maintain this performance beyond one season.

  • salary cap i agree with but the technology doesnt, it all goes with the heart ache of football, one week it’ll go against you the next it wont. what makes football so exciting at times

  • Wenger has made his bed so now he can “lie” in it. He is the most one sided, opinionated manager in the league, possibly the world. We’re not blind you know wenger. we all see what happens on the TV. You think Arsenal are hard done by and the rest of the world think otherwise. That brainwashed squad you have don’t know how to react professionally in any situation, and with you in charge how could they. You think you deserve every thing but its funny how things turn out. If you did then youd have everything, instead of nothing. No FA cup, no league cup, no league champions, and no champions league. I love Karma. There have been many occasions where Arsenal have got away with things in the past, whether it be discipline, luck in games or officials decisions, and i don’t hear you apologising about it. The season you actually won the league you were as lucky as any team that has been there before you, and after. But you carry on like you’re always the victim. Only 4 clubs in the league have the quality squad you have, yet you carry on like you’re getting relegated. And the clubs disciplinary record speaks for itself. Bad losers and bad professionals. Do the footballing world a favour and retire. You can’t cope with the pressure of top flight football any longer. You’ll end up having a heart attack. You might aswell spend your cash on your retirement, not some foreigner who’s gonna play well but never score. I hope FA throw the book at you. And those cronies you call a team.

  • Once again, I reiterate two opinions. Firstly, each side should get two ‘vetoes.’ A chance to query a decision with video evidence. Secondly, A4E, your opinions are incredibly laughable. As is your second rate, delighted to be mediocre football team.

  • thenry009, it was the Leafs vs Habs earlier this week. I like Little Dutch’s idea…similar to the NFL where you can call for a replay, however if they find the call on the field to be correct, then they lose a time out (time-outs can be crucial in American Football, so it is good incentive to challenge calls wisely)….perhaps this could be changed to either losing time or maybe a sub in the EPL. Bad calls, no matter what sport, can alter the flow and even outcome of the game. If we were awarded those two penalties, the dynamics of the match would have been changed….if Drogba had been confirmed to indeed be offside on that goal, the flow of the game would have changed, and outcome perhaps would have been different. You can say that all officials make mistakes because they are all human and it’s a part of the game, but let’s face it, some of these calls or missed calls are beyond just human error! Video replays keep the human refs accountable for their actions – knowing that their calls can be confirmed and overruled means they have to be honest and fair no matter who is playing. Oh, and Arsenhole 4-ever is an ass clown!

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