Date: 18th July 2014 at 7:36pm
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When it comes to the British media, the majority of journalists and news outlets are best left ignored, we all know this however it is easier said than done.

It`s common sense to shy away from negative influences in our lives, yet somehow, many of us still get pulled into meaningless and pointless arguments over meaningless and pointless things ?. Things that have usually been fabricated by the media.

But that`s just fans, right? Footballers are paid highly enough and should be professional enough to be able to ignore much of was goes on?

To a certain extent this is true, however when you have the same questions thrust upon you year after year, the same statements made about you every time you lose a cup match, it becomes hard to ignore. Especially when these same practises are only aimed at your club.

I mean, it`s been a good six years since Spurs last won a trophy and yet no-one questions them every year, right?

It does take a toll on the players eventually, so Aaron Ramsey has spoken of the relief of finally getting that monkey off our back and how he hopes to build on that success over the coming years.

The club`s official website quote him as saying “‘I think we have a great opportunity [to win more silverware], hopefully all the people that have played at the World Cup come back strong and fit and we can hit the ground running when the season starts.”

‘The feeling we got after winning the FA Cup was something special and I`m sure that everybody wants the same thing again this season. We`ll be giving it everything to win a few things this year.’

‘The media were always saying things like ‘Arsenal haven`t won a trophy for this many years`. The number kept getting higher so it was important to win something to take that burden away. It takes the pressure off us.”

‘I think the team has come on a long way in the last couple of seasons. We`ve grown a lot – there`s a great team spirit here, everybody wants to work for each other so we`ll give it a good go.’

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