Date: 20th May 2012 at 12:38pm
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It`s fair to say that the last few years have been a difficult time to be an Arsenal fan.

That`s not to say we should be complaining too much, there are 80 odd other sets of fans in England who would give their right arm to be in our position, however we`ve been spoiled under Arsene Wenger, and to go back to fried eggs after dining on caviar for so long is a little hard to palate.

It`s not only the on field problems that have been painful to watch, but also the plethora of top players streaming out our club on an annual basis. Last summer in particular was heart wrenching. Arguably over the past few years, when losing these players there have been pros as well as cons to their departures, but losing Cesc Fabregas in the summer was only con. But despite that, we still finished the season in a better position than in previous years.

At our worst this season we were very very bad, bad enough for me to question the position of our illustrious manager. However I don`t mind admitting to the fact that I may have erred.

Don`t get me wrong, Arsene Wenger can be one of the most infuriating people in football, a fact I`m sure the great man himself can attest to, however his model and his vision for Arsenal Football Club is something to be proud of.

On the surface of it, continually losing our best players over the course of five years, not having won any silverware in seven years and generally collapsing at the first sign of pressure is absolutely nothing to be proud of. But if we pan out to see the big picture (it might take a little more panning for some Gooners than others) what we have here is something not only to be proud of, but something to celebrate.

There has been a call from some sections of the Arsenal community for a sugar daddy of our own, the events of the last two weeks an apparent proof that we need a cash injection in order to succeed. A cash injection that we have done nothing to earn? I just can`t buy into that.

As a parent I try to teach my son on a daily basis that whatever he does in life he must give his absolute all, try his best every time he steps on to the metaphorical field of play. Your best is always good enough. Coming third in a 100M race when the other competitors are getting a lift on the back of a motorbike is no mean feat.

I know there will be Gooners out there who disagree with me when I say winning isn`t everything, but that`s just my philosophy on life, everybody has their own way of thinking. But if you can keep your integrity when the whole world is screaming for you to change your ways, then that is something I can truly respect.

Arsenal Football Club isn`t whiter than white, we screw up just like everybody else, we do have our problems, but I`m proud of the fact that we try to do things that we perceive is the right and fair way. Maybe there are better ways to achieve what we want to achieve, maybe there aren`t, but if we keep along this path of trying to get to the top without compromising our philosophies than I`ll always be proud of this club.