Date: 11th February 2007 at 7:12pm
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You’d think that after another fight back at Ashburton Grove, and another 3 points I’d be happy.

Well you’d be wrong.

The match report will, as always, be left to the talisman, Tim Stillman, but I feel the need to speak this evening.

I am fuming at the verbal treatment that Arsenal are, and will continue to receive after this result.

There were many flash points in this game, one of the main one’s being the offside in the build up to our equaliser.

It was offside, I saw it, the Wigan players saw it, infact the only people not to see it were the officials. However, lets not forget this is a game of football, mistakes are made, it happens all the time, it happened to us in the Champions League final, but you have to accept it. Anyone labelling Arsenal as cheats for this are fools, morons, idiots, whining pathetic people who should stay away from the game.

I will accept Paul Jewell’s criticism of the officials over this matter, it’s his team and he has every right to be annoyed…….but at the officials, no blame can be pointed at the Gunners, this happens in favour of, and against every team who ever played football.

The second point is the idiots from Sky Sports. Oh how they banged on about how Wigan deserved a penalty, Arsenal should have been down to ten men with Wigan handed the opportunity to put the game beyond doubt.

Let me set you all straight. Football is, and always has been a contact sport. Yes Flamini’s hand was on Heskey’s shoulder for a millisecond. Was it enough to bring this big brute of a man to the floor? Was it bollocks.

I challenge each and every person to watch footage of this incident, return and tell me whether or not Flamini had removed his hand before the big striker went down. It is plain to see. He dived. Just as Henry & Clichy did in the game. I hate diving and have always championed giving match bans to players who throw themselves to the floor.

Any player found to be diving should, by the rules of the game be issued with a yellow card. Henry wasn’t, Clichy wasn’t, and it was only fair that Heskey wasn’t.

I’m sure I will get many comments stating it was a stonewall penalty, but it wasn’t. The linesman clearly felt he went down too easily, and therefore could not give the decision in their favour.

‘But why would Heskey want to go down when through on goal?’ Asked the idiots on the SkySports programme. How about the fact he had the pressure of of a defender on his back and a six foot German bearing down on him. What would be easier, trying to slot the ball home in the aforementioned scenario? Or having an attempt from twelve yards with the ball lying still and the keeper forcably glued to his line?

And to think one of these so called pundits used to be a Gooner.

I’m also fuming at Jens Lehmann’s booking. All through the game Wigan time wasted, much the same as many other teams have done at Ashburton grove this season. The worst offender was Chris Kirkland. For every goal kick he would take an ice age to retrieve the ball, then walk to the far end of the area to complete the goal kick, he did this many times, especially when Wigan were leading the game. When eventually Arsenal went 2-1, Jens Lehmann copied this act, ONCE, as if to mock the Wigan stopper, yet Dowd saw this as a bookable offence.

Lehmann will now miss the Carling Cup final. Ok, so even going by Arsene Wenger’s words he wouldn’t have played anyway, but should either Almunia or Poom suffer injury between now and the final, we will be left desperately short.

This was another incident convienently left out by the morons in the Sky Sports studio.

The last and final incident I want to rant about was the celebration to our equaliser. After much time wasting, Thierry Henry felt it necessary to goad Chris Kirkland with regards to his acts at the goal kicks and so on.

I can not defend the Gunners on this one. Henry is the club captain, and as such is in a position of responsibility, a role model for young players and the aspiring footballers outside the professional game.

I understand Henry’s frustration, indeed I almost completely covered my TV in spittle screaming at the gogglebox. Yet it’s not Henry responsibility to point this out, the ref should have taken note and added time accordingly.

All in all a great three points will be ruined by the filth and bile arrowed in Arsenal’s direction over the course of the next few days.

Ah, that’s better. Time for some beer.


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  • too bloody true Paul, the tw*ts on sky sports were also saying they had every right to run the clock down aswell, what utter cr@p! no team has the right to run the clock down! I honestly couldnt believe what I was hearing! Well done TR on your first premiership goal of many! this player is the real deal!

  • Might I add Adebayor’s ‘goal’ was boarder line aswell, could quite easily have been given onside….but do you hear those *****s on sky saying anything? Do you *****. GGRRRRRRRRRR

  • I know what you mean. It’s supposed to feel good that we got the 3 points, but just all that crap laid and going to be laid out at Arsenal for the next couple of days dampens it quite a bit. I agree with all your points, but I have to say the booking on Lehmann *****ed me off the most. Frikkin Kirkland took forever and a half with those goal kicks and he completely gets away with it while Lehmann is shown the yellow. So don’t you dare come off accusing us of ANYTHING (equaliser) when you got away with this! >:3 And as for Heskey, he only has himself to blame for squandering two in your face chances of goals. Although fair enough, we had our chances that we didn’t capitalize as well. I have mixed feelings with Henry’s celebrations as well, but at the moment with how I’m feeling, I can’t really put anything against him.

  • I have just returned home from the game, a game I paid money to see and if it hadnt been for Chris Kirkland I would have got a lot more ball in play for my money. Dowd was disgraceful from start to finish, the booking for Jens was as inconsistent a decision as you will ever see. SKY TV are in the entertainment business yet they see fit to lambast the team trying to give the neutral punters more football and defend the team that is stealing playing time. Lets see how many subscriptions they get if the Arsenals of this world start using that turgid gameplan. What Henry did may have been wrong but was it worse than the 2 footed launch that Fitz Hall gave Gael Clichy? Last week Yakubu tumbled outside the box in an incident not disimilar to the Heskey one, you win some you lose some. When other teams have incidents like we did today it is ‘desire’ or british bulldog spirit, when we do it we are bad losers and cheats. I say F@*k em, lets get back that old siege mentality and show em some medals at the end of the season.

  • That hairy handed spunk stain Keys is the biggest buffoon on the planet. Why is it those *******s on Sky have to try and hype everything up out of all proportion. Football is intrguing enough as it is without w@nkbags like him **** stirring all the time. I can’t believe I’m still so angry.

  • I felt my first post was more negative and I want to add another one to congratulate the team for their efforts. And congratulations to Tomas Rosicky for his first PREMIERSHIP GOAL!!!! I had always envision it would be a blistering long range shot goal, but heck, there’s more to come anyways! Go Rosicky!!

  • And BTW timewasting is as much a cancer of the game as diving. Its possibly worse because you are stealing money from punters pockets, hard earned cash we spent to WATCH FOOTBALL, not watch a C@*t goalkeeper drinking from his water bottle b4 taking every goalkick. Must say I havent been this vexed after a win for a long time!

  • i think too many players go down too easily,because they can get away with it,if they went down as easily in everyday life they would be constantly on the floor,its like you clipped a players trailing leg and his leading leg collapses underneath him,its a joke,just like yakubu and senderos,no-way in the world was that a pen,and a red card,he was looking for it,and he got it,but the letter of the law states that senderos made a foul,so we suffer the consequences,they are all a bunch of cheating diving pu$$ies all of them….

  • Jewell crying that this could cost them 50 million & the sky d***heads agreeing with him. Well couldn’t the penalty that should never have been against boro have cost us 30+ million in a champions league place, funny but no mention of that!! Also, how could it ever have been a penalty when the initial contact yet again happened outside the area. I shouldn’t rise to the s*** that Andy Gray & Richard Keys speak anymore but it does really get to me!! They do everything possible to turn any neutral against arsenal with their continued whining & deliberate attempts to cast arsenal in a bad light. Eg the Henry reaction to our equaliser was according to Keys a usual arsenal trait that they have all seen far too often!! I also failed to hear anything from Platt about how Kirkland was a bad sportsman by failing to shake Henry’s hand at the end despite the fact it was he who said Wenger was out of line for refusing Pardew’s handshake because at the end of a game all bad feeling should be put aside!!! They are all complete w*****s

  • Sky Sports commentary was so annoying. Andy Gray always says he enjoys our footie but every time I watch the game I feel he is biassed against us. Walcott didn’t have a blinder but he played well during that first half and Andy Gray never mentioned his good play but always commented when the boy made a mistake or if something didn’t come off for him. Our goal may have been offside but the 1st that was disallowed was so not. Justice and all that. And as for Flamini and Heskey, I honestly think that Heskey could have stayed on his feet. He wasnt putting that in, Lehmann was far too close and Flamini did put hands on him but if I was the ref, I’d compare their sizes, one is a 7 foot giant and Flamini is barely 5’7, would he be abe to bring Heskey down without Heskey diving? Probably not. And Kirkland was disgarceful. I was actually proud of Thierry, I would have gone one better and thrown the ball in his face. Professionalism is important but Wigan were having a laugh. I swear Kirkand was wasting time for the whole half and I was overjoyed when we scored and then beat them! Poetic justuce.

  • ***** ’em all I say…we got the three points, they didn’t. Let the haters continue to hate, a few years from now they’ll have no choice but to stuff their heads in our pants as we’re winning everything in sight.

  • we were denied a clear penalty at West Ham when Hleb was brought down, we would have gone on to win that game. Cashley Hole fouled Hleb in the build up to Essien’s equaliser for chelski, and we were denied a memorable win at the Bridge. Henry was denied a good goal away to Cska and was booked for the handball which never was and had to miss the crucial away tie at Porto. we were lucky today with some decisions, but what goes around comes around..

  • Andy Gray kept on that the ref would add on time for all their time wasting?? Really, well considering refs have to allow 30 seconds for each sub & there were 6 which makes 3 minutes. This means that for all the time wasting & feigning of injuries that wigan players continually done he added on a grand total of 1 minute!! I think 15 minutes of injury time would have been nearer the mark!!

  • two more ******** injuries to djourou and fabregas. hope nothing is serious. please play the kids at the reebok..

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