Date: 3rd January 2007 at 4:21pm
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After last nights 4-0 thumping of Charlton, Alan Pardew has appealed the red card of Osei Sankofa by admitting the player fouled Robin van Persie.

An interesting approach.

The incident saw a deflected Cesc Fabregas shot cannon off the bar with Robin van Persie ready to pounce on an open goal with Carson stranded in no-man’s land.

Sankofa pulled back RvP as he attempted to poke the ball into the vacant net resulting in a penalty and instant red card.

However, today Pardew attempted to call the decision into question by claiming Sankofa didn’t ‘pull him back too hard’.

‘The decision against us was a triple whammy. He should have been given offside, two yards offside by the way.’ Pardew said

‘Secondly, he didn’t pull him back too hard and the player went down quite dramatically; and then Osei getting sent off as well, that was a big blow for the team.’

Two points Alan mi old bean. Firstly, offside decisions sometimes go your way, sometimes they don’t, see Henry’s perfectly good goal disallowed IN THE SAME MATCH, and secondly, it doesn’t matter how hard you pull someone back, if you pull them, it’s a foul, so your appeal is destined to fail before it has even been heard. Nice one.


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  • Somebody who eulogises so much about the benefits of Englishness should really master the language!

  • oh dear, what a muppet.. it does make me laugh how certain managers come out with things and not realise what they are saying half the time !

  • I wonder if this would stand up in court? Maybe if I clump Pardew one I can escape assault on the basis, “I didn’t hit him hard.”?

  • I’m going to attempt infidelity and tell my missus I didn’t go in that far. I wonder how she’ll react.

  • Pardews point is that the game should have been stopped for offside. If it had been we wouldn’t have gone down to ten. I thought it was a penalty and a red card and i cant see us winning the appeal. I have to laugh at the hatred you guys have for Pardew sad really you should be having the banter with the man utds and the chelskis of this world. Maybe your light years away from them again. On this seasons showing id say thats the case. As for Pardew at least you can take a year out next season while were in the Championship. Good luck for the rest of the season.

  • The point is he admitted it was a foul, and that means a sending off. The panel will not be there to look at whether or not RVP was offside, just whether or not the sending off was correct. Which Pardew has helped in deciding. As the title says….Moron.

  • thanks dave, yes we are miles away from United and Chelsea since we are the only team to beat the former at OT and one of the rare ones to draw away (with JT in the side – and no, they are not a one man team) with the latter (without TH – yes we are a one man team). As for Pardew, he may have a valid point but somehow he forgot to mention the disallowed goal in the 2nd half. He seems that he has a curse on him – hopefully he’ll take on the spurs job next. Good luck in the Championship next year.

  • you are miles apart though. chelsea and man utd are dropping points and your not getting anywhere near them. ive got a lot of time for arsenal the football you play is the best flowing stuff in the league but you still lose games wheres man utd and chelsea can grind out results. I cant see Henry staying much longer if you keep coming third in the battle of the giants. Liverpool are close to overtaking you aswell.

    Pardew is a good manager and he’ll bring us back up should we go down. It’s a long shot but so was myou beating spurs to fourth last year. Also both incidents were offside last night. Thats the point Pardews making if its offside its offside. Im not picking a fight just a constructed disagreement.

  • also a foul is a foul,if its in the box regardless to wether he is offside or not,you cant just start pulling players back.

  • i think a red card is a bit harsh,and rvp made a meal of it…but on the otherhand,when henry had his shirt almost ripped off his back,the player stayed on the pitch,and i think as he was on a yellow he shouldve walked

  • I think the basis of the appeal will be that Sankofa was not the last defender – El Karkouri was. Pardew was just saying that the offside thing just made it all harder to take, and he’s right, because if RvP had not ‘sneaked’, then he would not have been in a position to get pulled back. He didn’t mention Henry’s ‘offside’ goal because firstly he probably wasn’t asked, and secondly, it might not have been ‘scored’ anyway, were it 11 v 11. This is the second game this season where Arsenal got the benefit of a dubious refereeing decision, and thats just in games vs Charlton! I’m sure Arsenal would have gone on to win anyway, but did they really need the help of the ref as well? As for RvP and his ‘sportsmanship’, well when he’s off to Chelsea or Real Madrid in a season or two maybe you’ll see where we’re coming from!

  • Christ you filthy gooners are a miserable lot – you’ve won 4-0 and you’re still moaning? G4L (what a stupid name) you’re missing the point – by the time of Terry the *****’s disallowed goal, Charlton were already down to 10 men, something which even such ungraceful *******s as you might concede would affect the result. I’m not a Charlton fan but I am a Gooner hater and I’m delighted that your season was effectively over at Upton Park. No matter how many times Whanger beats Pards from now on it will never overshadow the events of that day when your ridiculous manager’s true colours were revealed and your bunch of overpaid nancy boys were overrun by one of the worst teams I’ve ever seen. Laugh? Oh so much.

  • DaDon – A few points; G4L I’m guessing means Gooner for Life, not such a stupid name now eh! DaDon now thats a sturpid name, couldn’t even be bothered writing the word “The”. Had you watched the game you’d have seen we had already knocked the stuffing out of the team. Seen as you’re not a Charlton fan you must be either Spurs, Chelsea or Man utd. So in that case 3-0!!! or 1-0!!! or nearly half a billion spent and you still wont win the title. Kiss kiss bang bang.

  • A Gooner hater eh DingDong? And what is this worst team that allegedly overran us? Are you are referring to the sp*rs (of course not) or WestH – where “the benefit of the dubious decision” for Arsenal was the blatant penalty on Hleb – not given?

  • What team do you support DaDon? Do you have the minerals to tell us or are you scared of being ridiculed into oblivion?

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